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Zoho Social For Your Implicit Social Media Influence

Any business using Zoho products will find Zoho Social extremely useful as it integrates well with other items in the portfolio. Used as a standalone option, this social media management pack is powerful enough even in its basic edition. With several social media channels, accounts, and approaches, managing all of them can be compelling. Zoho Social makes the process easy and can help you create more impact on your business.

Certainly, there are several tools available in the market today for social media scheduling. Zoho Social gives you the topmost experience. The various features and integrations with other Zoho tools take it ahead of all the tools in the competition. It’s time to find out a few things that make Zoho Social the utmost choice.

Basic Features

The basic features of Zoho Social also come with robust features and functions. A team member is allocated to one brand per seven channels which gives compatibility with many social media platforms like Twitter Profiles, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn Profiles, and more. An orderly dashboard lets you schedule your content, carry on multi-channel publishing, monitor posts, and compile publishing calendars. There is an array of powerful tools like an image editor that comes in handy when loaded with work pressure. Then you have a link shortener, user tagging, activity logging, and reports summary.

Zoho Social For Your Implicit Social Media Influence

Social Media Scheduling

Setting up posts and scheduling is a quick and basic function of Zoho Social with the ability to collaborate with publishing calendars, create content queues, and curate them on demand for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Google My Business.

Contrary to other tools that give options to queue or schedule posts for a specific time, Zoho Social gives you many other options, Scheduling, publishing, or queuing up content can be done as per user requirements with the use of a unique feature called SmartQ. It is a unique feature that makes scheduling a hassle-free process compared to other tools. It analyses the engagement data with your audience and decides the best time to reach out to the audience. As the best time can vary from channel to channel, SmartQ schedules posts according to the right time for every platform.

The repeat posting feature lets you curate your content and automate it. Data can be saved at once and scheduled to post weekly, or monthly to save time. Some more key features here include image controls, calendar format, bulk scheduling, and emojis.

Social Listening

Social media is always a two-way communication channel. Businesses that use social media for collaboration will understand the importance of the platform. With Zoho Social, you can track keywords, brand mentions, Google My Business queries, Twitter lists, reviews, and hashtags. These features can be tracked in real-time and set up columns to monitor them individually.

This way, it is easy to manage posts and conversations that hold a lot of value for your brand. You also have another section within social listening for your team to discuss and react at the earliest.

CRM Integration

Another major factor of Zoho Social that sets it apart from other social media platforms is its integration. Zoho suite also includes tools related to advertising, marketing, sales, and customer services to simplify sharing information gathered using Zoho Social with other platforms and gain complete visibility of your communication approach.

The most important integration is definitely with Zoho CRM as social media is a powerful tool to generate leads and follow them for long-term impact using the CRM tool.

Miscellaneous Social Aspects

The recent pandemic has shown us the different methods of working and processes in the way businesses operate. There is a huge impact on digitization and social media management. Zoho Social has demonstrated its adjustments with features to its overall strategy. The addition of an ability to schedule and post content on YouTube with a feature known as LinkedIn Lead Ads lets you integrate and monitor with the Zoho CRM tool as well.

Overall, Zoho Social has succeeded in packing ultimate features and functions into every social media management package. It makes an extensive appeal for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, the ability to generate convincing reports takes that extra step forward.

At AGSuite, we take your social media management journey forward with our expert Zoho implementation team. We are known to give our clients a tailored experience that fits perfectly for your business reach. So, need help in building one? Stay agile and stay ahead of your competitors. Get started now!

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