Zoho Inventory

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Zoho Inventory

One of the most prominent product of Zoho series, Zoho Inventory is a great tool to automate inventory movements. It has proven its edge by efficiently handling warehouses, packaging, inventory tracking, managing multi-channel orders, and shipping for its users. This cloud-based inventory management software easily integrates with a multitude of applications to harmonize your inventory management process and burgeon your business.

You can monitor each batch or item in your inventory leveraging the capabilities of Zoho Inventory. It helps you manage online and offline orders, multi-channel sales, and automatic reordering. The interactive and smart mobile app of Zoho Inventory helps to manage your business on the go from anywhere.

Key Features

  • Accounting and e-commerce integration
  • Stock reporting
  • Bundles, kits, and variants
  • Centralized inventory system
  • Regular shipping updates
  • Extensive insightful reports
  • Batch, item, and serial number tracking
  • Inventory level dashboards

Technical Details

  • Supporting Devices : Android, iPad/iPhone, web-based.
  • Supporting Language : English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, French
  • Suitable Businesses : Online sellers, Wholesalers, Retailers, e-Commerce, Small- and Medium-sized businesses.

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