SuitePeople or popularly known as NetSuite’s Human Capital Management, is a cloud-based system that allows HR professionals to seamlessly manage human resources, payroll and financials. NetSuite Human Resource Management system improves the productivity of HR departments as HR leaders no longer have to waste time in reconciling information from disparate systems to answer common inquiries from employees and produce reports to decision-makers and auditors.


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Human Capital Management AGSuite Technologies


NetSuite’s Human Capital Management System for better visibility & decision making


HR Administration:

Reduce administrative time spent on common tasks by automating HR processes and easily route information for timely approvals. Become more strategic business partners to senior leaders, leveraging KPIs and real-time actionable insights. Role-based access for compliance requirements.


Efficient end-to-end payroll processing and management to pay workers in the United States. Compliant in all U.S. states and local jurisdictions and automatically files payroll taxes with real-time posting to the general ledger for accurate reporting.

Performance Management:

Keep employees engaged via goal creation, monitoring progress, reviewing performance and recognition of achievements.

Workforce Management:

Automate the process for employees to request time off and managers to approve requests. Enforce policies so employees don’t take too much time off.

Workforce Engagement:

Reduce reliance on HR staff and cut the costs of processing common tasks by enabling employees to perform common tasks — update addresses, add bank accounts, view time off balances etc. Allow employees to publicly recognize their colleagues for their contributions and achievements.


Role-based dashboards for HR and other authorized users to monitor workforce performance. Analyze headcount, turnover trends, demographics, revenue per active employee, expense per active employee and profit per active employee, leveraging 15 industry's leading KPIs.


Transform your HR department with NetSuite SuitePeople and AGSuite

    AGSuite is a leading NetSuite SuitePeople Implementation partner and solution provider with 10+ years of proven excellence across diversified industry verticals. Leverage our experienced NetSuite ERP Consultants to enhance your organization’s potential with NetSuite HCM. Backed by a good and knowledgeable team of NetSuite Consultants, we can help your company to become more efficient, wiser, and competitive on a global scale.