AGSuite offers an easy-to use, cloud based Smart Commission App that can help you design, track and pay sales commission plans. Built natively on NetSuite, our smart commission app allows you to create and maintain complex multi-tiered commission plans, including managing and calculating sales compensation based on criteria such as quota,quantity sold, service item, product profitability and even one-time “spiffs.

With a smart commission app, you can automate commission reporting, ensuring that sales reps understand their incentives and are aligned with business goals. Real-time visibility into commissions will motivate sales professionals with automatic calculations and pre-set criteria will reduce sales commission errors.

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Manage Commission Plans With Ease using our Smart Commission App

With a familiar spreadsheet-like interface, executives, sales managers and finance managers can easily manage compensation rules. Commission rules can be configured with different performance measures including:

Quotas: Per period (monthly, quarterly, annually, year-to-date) categorized by total sales, product or service, subsidiary, class of business, department or location.

Total Sales or Quantity Sold: Per order or period categorized by product or service, class of business, department or location.

Profitability: Based on each order categorized by product.

Custom Measurement: For all quota- and sales based commission plans, NetSuite offers the ability to calculate commissions based on custom criteria.

Smart Commission App AGSuite Technologies

Supports Sophisticated Commission Rules

  •  Commissions can be calculated on a linear scale, a marginal scale, a target factor or no scale at all.
  •  Easily calculate indirect commissions that are due to managers and executives from sales at the field level.
  •  You have the ability to split commissions between multiple parties on the same sales transaction.


Easily Manage Partner Commissions and Royalties

  •  Calculate partner's commission based on the same parameters used for employees, such as commissions on sales, quantities, profitability and more.
  •  Commissions can also be calculated using custom criteria for additional flexibility.


Flexible and Adaptable Approval Processes

  •  Commission calculations can be triggered when a customer is invoiced or once the invoice has been paid.
  •  Commission amounts can go through sales manager approval together with accounting approval, or simply sales manager approval.
  •  Manual overrides are available during the commission approval process.
  •  Once compensation has been approved, payment can be made in NetSuite through accounts payable, or automatic integrated payroll processing.
  •  Overpayments and underpayments due to invoice changes are handled by providing a credit or debit towards the next pay cycle.


Sales Commission Reporting and Analytics

  •  Salespeople can forecast their earnings and see summary detail commission reports integrated into their sales dashboards.
  •  Allow partners to view their sales commissions in the online Partner Center.
  •  Monitor sales trends, quota performance, attainment distributions, and summary and detailed compensation with role-based, real-time dashboards and reporting.