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AGSuite Technologies is one-stop shop for every cloud-based software solution that your company will ever need. Right from streamlining your eCommerce store to managing your taxes, we have everything in our vault.

India Tax Solutions

The vault of AGSuite Technologies has propagated India Tax Solutions for India-based businesses. This cloud-based system helps identify routine tasks and automate technological functions- high-volume tasks.

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Shopify-NetSuite Connector

AGSuite expertly integrates and maintains the Shopify Store. NetSuite helps in obtaining real-time information on products, descriptions of entitled services, prices and other attributes and characteristics. The sales process receives a boost upon obtaining real-time updates.

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Magento 2 NetSuite Connector

AGSuite integrates your Magento 2 platform with NetSuite. This automates and initiates the growth of the online business. The combination of these two platforms ensures better performance and seamless information flow.

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Amazon NetSuite Connector

AGSuite integrates your Amazon and NetSuite thereby ensuring better optimization of resources. It helps in managing inventory and ensures better and easy processing of orders.

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Smart CommisionApp

Streamline your commission process in Netsuite to garner better resource mechanization for the Sales Team. The commission allotted gets processed based on Gross and Net Profit, Profitability Structure and Sales figures.

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India E-Invoicing Solution

Every organization is looking to remove documents and physical paperwork. Automation of tasks through computers and subsequent billing and invoicing processes have become common. India E-invoicing Solution by AGSuite enables companies to process digital invoices.

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