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Is your business working at its maximum capacity?
AGSuite Zoho Certified Consultants can help

Our Zoho master consulting team brings a specific range of abilities to your Zoho project. Empower your business to make smart technology ventures, further develop practices, and set aside time and cash if our objective. We overcome any barrier between business requirements and technology solutions through open cooperation with our clients.

Nobody understands your business better than you - thus, we don't anticipate pigeonholing you and making you use Zoho in a manner that doesn't help or make sense to you. All things considered, our affirmed Zoho experts plunk down with you in a consulting commitment called a Business Process Analysis to truly get a "lay of the land." From that point on, our Zoho specialists can give you a strong plan of action for pushing ahead - a technological guide to follow. Your plan contains a confirmed Zoho solution, something we can stand behind.


NetSuite CRM and ERP Integration

Businesses hoping to automate main business processes ordinarily take a look at two fundamental software solutions, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). ERP helps organizations with running a fruitful business by associating their operational and financial systems to a central database, while CRM oversees how customers communicate with their businesses.

Both act as vital information vaults. Both additionally help on more departments and, while they are often built on a similar stage, the software is frequently purchased independently and incorporated where required.

This article will help with distinguishing the critical qualities of both CRM and ERP, how they contrast and whether a business needs ERP, CRM or both.


6 reasons why pharmaceutical companies need NetSuite

Pharmaceutical companies are in need of a robust, scalable and efficient ERP platform to manage their day-to-day operations. The lackadaisical approach toward managing patient records with multiple tools only leads them to more complications than before.

ERPs offer an integrated solution for all types of administrative tasks including finance monitoring which is crucial when it comes down to how much money can be made by each employee within your organization.

To meet all these demands, Oracle NetSuite has created an ERP solution based on ‘True cloud’ which offers all essential features for today's modern hospitals at any scale with unmatched scalability in mind!


Zoho One – The Complete Tool for your online business

Zoho One is the most complete and creative set-up of business software for your whole business. Zoho One offers each business the requirement for fundamental web-based tools like CRM, cloud storage, email, social media, analytics, and more. It is a solitary set-up of business applications that incorporates at each level and would kill the requirement for extra programming and software.


NetSuite - #1 Cloud ERP Software should choose NetSuite

NetSuite is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning software that runs on the web and it shows up with the capacities crucial to any business out there including your business. It incorporates different attributes for a business like financial management, accounting management, CRM (customer relationship management), human resources, campaign & inventory management and more. It deals with all the significant business processes in a single framework with practically no complicated setups or programming. It makes the organizations cost-efficient and helps them in running proficiently. For any business that is looking for high-growth hoping to incorporate information and limit mistakes, the NetSuite ERP framework offers many benefits. It is an across the board command core to direct all the business activities.


4 reasons why Wholesale Distributors should choose NetSuite

Wholesale Distribution is an important aspect of business growth. Wholesale distribution refers to the bulk transportation, purchase, and sale of goods and the activities associated with the transfer of goods through different single and multi-layered distribution channels. Wholesale distribution of goods involves a lot of elements like customers, suppliers, and intermediaries. As the gamut of wholesale distribution increases, the impending level of complexity associated with the functioning of wholesale distribution about the amount of taxation to be charged and the quota and tariff limits to be levied on the goods become a complex calculation. This can at times lead to disruption in the overall trade balance and thereby create a negative impression among businesses regarding the facet of wholesale distribution.


NetSuite analytics warehouse pre-built analytics help customers accelerate insights

Organizations nowadays are highly dependent on the functioning of data operations. Automation of work has enabled easier streamlining of data thereby guaranteeing better resource utilization and enhanced optimization of existing business structures. For easier identification of data mining structures, Oracle NetSuite has launched a warehouse pre-built data mining model. It helps customers identify grouped and ungrouped data, streamline data according to the existing business pattern, finance the division making process of the business environment and thereby take actions to enhance the fundamental growth of the business environment. Therefore business organisations need to adopt such a pre-built warehouse designed by Oracle to ensure better growth of existing business structures.


Warehouse Management System: Introduction and Benefits

What do you visualize when the term ‘Warehouse’ drops in your ears?

Maybe a huge room occupied with stacks of boxes arranged on numerous racks, and sometimes a few robots & machines. This huge room and these racks are an inevitable part of a myriad range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, agriculture, FMCG, etc.


7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Shopify for Your eCommerce Business

The trend of online shopping is witnessing inflation without bounds. People are feeling more secure while paying online due to enhanced payment security. Shopping from your couch on your mobile or laptop is a different zone of comfort. These drastic changes in shopping trends have propelled the demand for the migration of brick & mortar shops to online stores.

These factors have raised the bar for competition among millions of existing websites and many new to land in the market. But don’t worry, Shopify has made online presence easy for you. You can build your online store with Shopify and sell your products to a large pool of online shoppers.

With minimal configuration, Shopify is an ideal platform for building an online store. There are many reasons why you should set up your eCommerce store on Shopify. Let us make you familiar with a few.


Zoho Improvements and Latest Features Update for August 2021

Zoho has kicked off the August with a few updates and improvement from Zoho. For all the Zoho users, AGSuite Technologies wants to present all the updates and bug fixes so that you know what new has come. This month we got updates mainly for Zoho Books and Zoho CRM. Zoho also fixed some bugs in Creator.


NetSuite Cloud ERP : An Overview of what it is and its Features

NetSuite, a name that has changed the way many companies operate across the world. It has emerged as a name that has done revolution in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) industry. This revolution has never made any company’s growth stand-still and marked its existence resolutely. NetSuite cloud ERP is #1 cloud ERP with a myriad range of features for your business.

The unbeatable functionalities and efficient performance of NetSuite cloud ERP has lessened the amount and type of work that used to get on everyone’s nerves. Even after delivering so much efficiency in work, many people might not be familiar with NetSuite cloud ERP. So let’s first understand what exactly NetSuite cloud ERP is.


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