Email Marketing

Email Marketing: Email Marketing Reaching For The Stars

Email marketing platform seamlessly integrates with virtually all eCommerce platforms, including ones you’ve built yourself, and other marketing technologies, so you can get a true single customer view. Orchestrate seamless customer engagements across email, SMS and web throughout every lifecycle stage, from sign-up to check out and re-engagement.

NetSuite offers you an opportunity to build strong customer engagements that translate into sales by sending the right message at the right time.

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NetSuite allows you to create targeted, relevant cross channel messages that are unique to each customer.



NetSuite allows you to get more conversions, clicks, and sales without putting in extra effort.


Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting


NetSuite helps you in going beyond opens and click-throughs and shows you the amount of revenue each campaign generates.

Key Benefits

  • Services for Success :- NetSuite offers a full set of email marketing services to help you convert your email marketing program into a revenue-generating powerhouse.
  • Easy-to-use :- NetSuite allows message creation, personalization, segmentation, and automation.
  • Built for eCommerce :- NetSuite has more than 16 years of email marketing success incorporated into our solution to help you drive engagement and sales with targeted, highly relevant messages at each touchpoint of the buying journey.

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