Keep orders, inventory, and product updates accurate with Amazon NetSuite Connector


Leverage AGSuite’s Amazon NetSuite Connector to seamlessly integrate NetSuite with Amazon to facilitate import and export inventory, customers, sales orders, and fulfillments. AGSuite’s custom integration solution enables complete automation of processes with real-time data synchronization.

By integrating NetSuite with Amazon, sellers only need to focus on managing orders and inventory availability, without bothering about keeping their Amazon Seller Central and NetSuite accounts in sync. Seamless automated syncing of data will save time and efforts, enabling sellers to focus on scaling up your business more efficiently. Automated reconciliation ensures that every transaction and all associated Amazon fees; meticulously mapped and accounted for in NetSuite.

Integration allows you to sync inventory levels in real-time, process orders more quickly, and provide consistent product information on your Amazon store. With Sellers having accurate information about inventory levels to avoid overselling online, meet their promised delivery dates, always ship the right products, and more.


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Amazon NetSuite Connector


Gain End-to-End Visibility of Every Amazon Order


Export Levels of Inventory to Amazon:

With levels of inventory in Amazon continuously sync with the current levels of inventory in NetSuite to ensure that orders placed can be fulfilled on time.

Import Sales Orders into NetSuite:

Easily import all orders placed in Amazon into NetSuite. A new customer is automatically created in NetSuite if a matching one is not found.

Exports Items from NetSuite to Amazon:

Items in NetSuite can be exported in Amazon to update or create your product catalog.

Export Fulfillments to Amazon:

As orders in NetSuite are fulfilled, the transactions of this fulfillment are automatically exported to Amazon so that customers have full visibility into the current status of available orders.

Import Business Reports from Amazon:

Gain real-time visibility into purchased items, frequent visitor reports, settlement reports etc to make more informed business decisions.

Export Levels of price to Amazon:

Item prices in Amazon are consistently and continuously updated with item rates from NetSuite which ensures that your sales are not affected.


Benefits of Our NetSuite Amazon Connector


Cut Data Management Time

Stop wasting time syncing data manually. Let data flow automatically to give you an omni-channel experience.

Accurate, Real-time Syncing

Since data flow is fully automated, you don’t have to worry about orders, inventory, customers, or products being out of sync across systems.

Full Installation & Managed Support

Our expert developers handle the installation for you, providing fully-managed support.