Do I need a NetSuite Implementation Partner?

NetSuite ERP and CRM, both are critical to your business. So, the very first answer you’re looking for is “Do I need a NetSuite Implementation Partner?” NetSuite Implementation is a complex process. Working with a NetSuite implementation partner will make this process go smoothly, and ensure a quick and successful go-live.

While you have the choice to comprise an in-house team of NetSuite Consultants and developers, doing so tends to drive up the price and complexity of a NetSuite Implementation. Furthermore, it will drive away your attention from your core business activities. The advantage with NetSuite implementation partners is that they capture the best talent and treat your ERP/ CRM implementation with the attention it needs to stay on track, within budget, and successful!

NetSuite ERP & CRM Implementation


Why is AGSuite a Prefered NetSuite Implementation Partner?

AGSuite comes with expertise and extensive knowledge both the worlds i.e. NetSuite and legacy ERP applications to ensure smooth transition. Our NetSuite consultants will assist you in your digital transformation journey by starting from researching your existing processes, identifying bottlenecks, validating data sources, identifying process gaps and documenting requirements. We’ll also help you post-implementation with support services so that you take the advantage of all that NetSuite has to offer with no disruption in your day-to-day business.


Our NetSuite Implementation Methodology:


Requirement Analysis:

This process is about understanding your business needs, challenges & limitations of your current system and gathering requirements about what you’re expecting from NetSuite ERP and CRM system.

Strategic Planning & Solution Design:

This is about creating implementation roadmap and setting up strategy sessions to ensure that your business processes are accurately reflected in the NetSuite ERP and CRM solution. This phase

  •  Ensures your requirements are fully understood prior to configuration.
  •  Outlines your key business processes and determines how closely these processes map to NetSuite functionality.
  •  Serves as a blueprint for ensuring that NetSuite is configured to meet your needs.


This is where AGSuite executes the plan and does NetSuite ERP and ERM implementation. We closely work with customers in this stage to configure the system correctly and do the customization if needed.

Data Migration:

The phase renders the process of importing data from legacy systems to NetSuite.


Evaluating the functions tailored to the system and ensuring its proper working.


Rigorous training provided to the actual users to empower them to use the system.

User Acceptance Testing:

During this phase, business users who will be utilizing NetSuite for their job will have the opportunity to test out the process while giving input on areas that work to make it more effective for their day-to-day lives. Based on their feedback, we implement any automation that would make their lives easier or place them on the roadmap if it is not necessary for your Go-Live.


The most critical phase of deploying functions to the production environment.

Post Go-live support:

Extending assistance after Go-live and support provided to achieve the maximum benefits.


Wait... We are done, right?

Your business will always be changing as per market dynamics. If you've decided to place other modules on the roadmap for after your initial go-live or want to add more channels of revenue through a SuiteCommerce website or integrations with Shopify, Magento, etc., we can do that too!