NetSuite ERP & CRM Implementation


NetSuite ERP & CRM Implementation

AGSuite knows that NetSuite ERP and CRM are powerful assets for a company to improve efficiency, productivity, and seamless flow of information. It facilitates you with centralized management, on-going compliance, and real-time view on financial results & operations.

AGSuite with NetSuite bestows automated customer lifecycle process. Everything right from partner management to sales performance management becomes automated just with the touch of NetSuite ERP and CRM.

AGSuite has an experienced team of implementation specialists, known as the Professional Services team. Our team knows what is under the hood and how to access its deepest & most powerful parts.

AGSuite team helps you plan and implement your chosen NetSuite solutions, such as ERP and CRM using best practice guidelines. You are just not left alone after implementation. Our team educates your employees on the use of your new NetSuite ERP and CRM system.

We make sure that your existing business processes are ready to work efficiently with NetSuite ERP and CRM functionality so that you can enjoy maximum benefits. We assure you that you are going to be more productive and efficient in your work after getting NetSuite from AGSuite.

We use a proven methodology when implementing NetSuite ERP and CRM, which minimizes risk and supports rapid deployment in many sectors, including wholesale distribution, retail, manufacturing, services, and fast growing environments.

Our Approach

Business Requirements & Analyze

AGSuite wants to understand and make you understand your needs to succeed. We want to determine what you do and how you do it. Our initial goal is to figure out the challenges & limitations in your current system and what you need to overcome them. We gather the requirements that you are expecting from new NetSuite ERP and CRM system.

We speed up the process with a series of preparation and discovery sessions with key stakeholders in the project and end-users within your business.

From the beginning, we take a detailed look at your business processes to find out innovative ways for combining your business with NetSuite ERP and CRM so that you get the maximum return on your investment.

Strategic Planning & Solution Design

Advisory meetings and strategy sessions ensure that your business processes are accurately reflected in the NetSuite ERP and CRM solution. We document the requirements and business processes flow along with mapped NetSuite functionality.

  • Ensures your requirements are fully understood prior to configuration.
  • Outlines your key business processes and determines how closely these processes map to NetSuite functionality.
  • Serves as a blueprint for ensuring that NetSuite is configured to meet your needs.


This is where AGSuite executes the plan and do NetSuite ERP and ERM implementation. We closely work with customers in this stage to configure the system correctly and do the customization if needed.


Ensures your requirements are fully understood prior to configuration.

System / Processes Work Through

We conduct the workshops to help you review the system configuration and walk you through the whole system & processes.

User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing is the final stage of testing before the system is accepted by the operational user.

Training & User Manuals

Once UAT is completed, training of your NetSuite users with best practices will take place. User manuals are provided to end users.

Data Migration

Master data (customers, vendors, contacts, Items, employees etc.) is migrated from legacy system into NetSuite using CSV import tool. Historical transactions are then migrated into NetSuite ERP and CRM based on requirements along with open transactions (AR/AP).

Go Live

Once data is verified and matched after data migration, system is up and ready to run for users to go live.

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