Improve productivity by empowering business users with NetSuite Training

To generate maximum value of your NetSuite investment, your business users need thorough understanding of the software. We, at AGSuite, provide advanced NetSuite end-user training to help the business users across roles and business scenarios so that they can efficiently use NetSuite platform to perform their daily chores.

NetSuite Training

Following training programs will provide adequate guidance -

A. End-User Training

Our NetSuite Consultants first understands your organizational needs, goals, and implementation. They customize your training plan accordingly to fit your onsite or online preference, schedule, and end-user learning needs. Our sessions are interesting, short, process-focused, and role-based. We accompany our training sessions with reference materials and we provide on-the-job support to improve your team’s performance and deliver better results than before.

Our End-User Training Sessions are supported by

  •  eLearning solutions: AGSuite provides eLearning solutions from NetSuite so that you can learn NetSuite functionalities from anywhere at any time.
  •  Performance support materials: You get a step-by-step manual for NetSuite support so that you can find solutions to your confusion instantly.
  •  Train the Trainer: If you have a large team or numerous branches and you want to train all of them, we would suggest helping yourself. But you are not left alone. Our team of experts will train the trainers of your organization so that they can further transmit the knowledge and train your entire organization.

B. Admin Training

Train your entire organization on NetSuite with our team of experts based on your requirements.

  •  Functional: AGSuite makes you well-versed in NetSuite Financial First, NetSuite Services Resource Planning, NetSuite Manufacturing, and NetSuite WMS solution. You get fundamental knowledge of all these solutions from AGSuite so that you can configure and utilize NetSuite solutions and harness the capabilities of NetSuite to the fullest.
  •  Technical: In technical training, AGSuite targets to make you skilled SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF), SuiteBuilder, SuiteAnalytics, SuiteFlow, SuiteScript, SuiteScript 2.0, SuiteTalk, and SuiteBundler for customizing your NetSuite solution.
  •  Advanced PDF/HTML Templates: You learn the creation of Scriptable Templates. We make you an expert in customizing Advanced PDF/HTML Templates utilizing WYSIWYG and Source Code editing modes, creating Scriptable Templates using WYSIWYG and Source Code editing modes, embedding FreeMarker expressions and directives in Advanced PDF/HTML Templates and Scriptable Templates.
  •  SuiteCloud Development Framework: You learn to use account customization projects to create and deploy customizations for internal consumption between sandbox, production, and development accounts. Moreover, you become an expert in using SuiteApp projects to create and deploy customizations for commercial distribution, validate and troubleshoot an SDF project, work with XML objects, and manage object dependencies.
  •  SuiteCloud: You learn to use cloud development applications, tools, and infrastructure for helping customers and software developers in increasing the benefits of cloud computing. You build an understanding of mapping the interrelationships between the different SuiteCloud platform tools, determining the use of SuiteCloud platform tools, and identifying the level of technical knowledge needed to use a particular tool.
  •  Workflow Basics: You learn to use tools for visually constructing business processes. You become familiar with SuiteFlow for automating your create related records, custom approval routing, sending emails, applying validations, directing the end-user to appropriate forms in the user interface, and much more.
  •  Advanced Workflow: In this module, you learn to configure Service Level Agreements using scheduled actions and transitions, execute actions and transitions using saved searches as conditions, and configure business processes that run in parallel using sub-workflows.
  •  User Interface Development: In this course module, you learn to use SuiteScript 2.0 to create custom UIs with Suitelet, User Event, & Portlet scripts, build the UI you want, and meet your unique business requirements. You learn to embed UI objects, third-party JavaScript libraries, and custom HTML into custom UIs.
  •  NetSuite Extension with JavaScript: In this module, we train you to create flexible business logic, to use SuiteScript, a JavaScript-based API, to automate processes, such as validating fields, defaulting values, and executing scripts on a schedule, and accelerating client scripts by executing asynchronous calls to the server.
  •  Guidance for SuiteScript Developers: We train SuiteScript developers to create scripts in SuiteScript 2.0 syntax, convert 1.0 scripts to 2.0 scripts, work with SuiteScript 2.0 Global Objects, incorporate a variety of SuiteScript 2.0 Modules. You learn to use MapReduce to process large amounts of data and interact with the SuiteScript 2.0 Promise APIs.
  •  Extend NetSuite with JavaScript using Script 1.0: Here, you learn to automate data entry on my forms: enable/disable fields, default field values, perform field-level validations, change fields, and perform form-level validations based on changes to other fields.
  •  SuiteTalk: You learn to start with the NetSuite WSDL and end up with a functioning web service application. You determine how to automatically import data from my ecommerce website or other application into NetSuite.