Integrate Shopify with NetSuite with Ease with Shopify NetSuite Connector

Merchants running Shopify at frontend and NetSuite at backend need to realize that operating with siloed software systems is holding their online business back. Processing data with two different applications under siloed architecture only increases complexity of business architecture of a growing company.

Separate processes only lead to errors and wastage of time on unnecessary tasks and duties. With Shopify NetSuite Connector, this problem can be resolved and time of the resources can be saved so that they focus on more critical tasks.

AGSuite’s NetSuite Shopify Connector ensures seamless data mapping between NetSuite and your ecommerce storefronts i.e. Shopify to automate the transfer of data. This helps keep your vital information centralized, on the cloud to eliminate manual data entry, costly errors and delays.

AGSuite’s Shopify NetSuite connector is configurable which means that it can be customized or changed to accommodate your business needs. You can set up business rules for how their data moves between systems to gain more control over the flow of their data.


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Shopify Netsuite Connector


Use Shopify NetSuite Connector to Automate your Business Processes

Improve Inventory Management:

Accurately track items to better determine reorder points, control safety stock and enable more precise cycle counts.

Automate Order Management:

Streamline order processing and fulfillment by automatically sending orders to 3PLs, vendors or warehouse locations.

Simplify Accounting:

Automate repetitive tasks, such as recording transactions, managing payables and receivables and closing the books, for timely and accurate reporting and greater control of financial assets.


Features of AGSuite’s Shopify NetSuite Connector:

  •  Order Sync - Orders are exported from Shopify into NetSuite.
  •  Coupon Sync - Coupons are included in the order sync.
  •  Gift Certificate Sync - Gift certificates are included in the order sync.
  •  Fulfillment Sync - Order fulfillment data is exported from NetSuite into Shopify.
  •  Price & Qty Sync - Product price and quantity are exported from NetSuite into Shopify.
  •  Full Product Sync - All product information is exported from NetSuite into Shopify.
  •  Real-time Price & Qty Sync - Product price and quantity are synced every minute.
  •  Real-time Order Sync - Orders are synced every minute.
  •  Refund Sync - Refunds are exported from Shopify into NetSuite.


Benefits of AGSuite’s NetSuite Shopify Connector

Reduce Time Spent Entering Data:

Help you automatically sync data between Shopify and NetSuite, rather than manually keeping data up-to-date in two separate systems.

Manage 100% of Your Integration in NetSuite:

By installing the Shopify NetSuite connector in NetSuite, you'll achieve better system performance, easier system-management, and a more agile integration.

Eliminate Data Entry Errors:

Automatic data syncing between your Shopify and NetSuite accounts prevents data inconsistencies across systems.