AGSuite has a vision that all companies in the world should enshrine the power of NetSuite Technologies implementing ERP and CRM functionalities. We are trying to access all business firms in the world and offer them all the NetSuite solutions. On the journey, you can come across more organizations requiring Business Solutions incorporating NetSuite.

Then what can you do? You can start by becoming a referral partner of AGSuite. Become a third party agency for companies in need of ERP, CRM and Netsuite Business Solutions. There are a set of great rewards on the referral. This incentive will help you generate better business revenue.

Referral Partner Program

How does it Works?

There is no rule book for being a part of the AGSuite Referral Partner Program. You can refer companies and enlist yourself to be a part of the scheme. We have enabled a centralized management system through the implementation of NetSuite Applications. Therefore you can access these NetSuite Solutions from all across the world.

Package of Benefits You Get as a Partner

Here are the ways you as an AGSuite Referral Partner can benefit :-

  •  We keep posting updates on NetSuite Solutions and other Business Applications. Through our publishing of press releases, incentive programs and benefit schemes, we guarantee business launches
  •  You get to attach your name with some of the biggest NetSuite Technology Vendors in the world
  •  We provide marketing information through email circulars. We also provide social media updates and post links of the costs associated with the NetSuite Applications

Benefits to Customers

AGSuite wants every client, be it old or new, to harness the power of NetSuite to the fullest. Whenever we are successful in discovering the reins of a new company, we dive deep into its analogy to identify the upgrades necessary for its technological environment. We work on implementing better ERP and CRM Solutions. We provide customized business solutions thereby minimizing cost, offering better productivity and enhanced efficiency.