NetSuite Administration

Your focus should be your business, so leave the NetSuite system on AGSuite. We have promised efficiency & productivity and you will avail that. We have a dedicated team of NetSuite administrators for managing your system. They work on modification, maintenance, and optimization of NetSuite to meet all your business requirements.

AGSuite makes sure that the business solutions and the ERP Programs are integrated properly without any problems. It ensures setting up and establishing the procedures, implementing them, deploying the necessary resources and actively working towards engaging the business operations and needs of the consumer through proper orientation of work functions. Cloud ERP is thus an important part of the NetSuite Functional System.

What do we do in NetSuite Administration?

  • We manage the already existing integrations and SuiteScripts.
  • We create and manage workflows, data migration, custom elements, including records, lists, and fields.
  • We customize interactive dashboards, KPIs, searches, and report centres.
  • We ensure the security of your system by creating and managing customer roles and users.
  • We ensure the data integrity of your NetSuite account.
  • We do everything that you can expect a NetSuite Administrator to do.

What includes NetSuite Administration?

Our process of NetSuite Administration includes administration, authentication, setup, performance, and data management.

AGSuite reinforces the security of your account by NetSuite administration. We create accounts, roles, users, and grant them access permissions. We provide customization, release preparation, data migration, and sandbox accounts. We address your preferences and set up the NetSuite Company Settings for you to get the most out of your investment.

We make sure that every feature of NetSuite is turning out to be useful for you. We evaluate that through SuiteApp called Application Performance Management (APM). Here the performance of all your NetSuite customizations can be seen. We can keep an eye on the performance of your customized dashboards and scripts through APM and make further changes if required.

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