Improve cash flow and eliminate revenue leakage by completing projects within timelines with NetSuite Services Resource Planning (SRP). Get everything including Professional Services Automation (PSA), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Accounting integrated seamlessly as true SaaS to support the complete bid-to-bill lifecycle.


NetSuite’s Service Resource Planning: Better Resource Utilization & More Billable Hours


Project Management

Determine the true cost of a project, leveraging costing, budgeting and profitability reporting. Real-time visibility into the current status of projects enables managers and stakeholders to have complete visibility and control. Actionable insights ensure that potential issues can be resolved easily, on-time to improve project completion record, more satisfied clients and fewer non-billable work hours.

Project Management AGSuite Technologies


Resource Management AGSuite Technologies

Resource Management

Increase resource utilization by minimizing bench time while ensuring that the right resources are working on the right projects. Project managers having real-time access to resources' skills, interests, experience, work preferences, availability and more ensures that resources are working on the right projects.


Project Accounting

Powerful billing rules engine to support complex client billing. By automating complex revenue calculations, NetSuite ensures that clients are billed accurately and on time. Have a complete view into a project’s financial health as every transaction is tied to a general ledger account.

Project Accounting AGSuite Technologies


Timesheet Management AGSuite Technologies

Timesheet Management

Simple and easy timesheet management which is directly integrated with project management and billing. Let employees submit timesheets from anywhere, at any time, using any device. Get notification of new timesheet entries that are ready for approval, and track approval progress through intuitive dashboards.


Project Delivery and Billing

Powerful, intuitive, configurable dashboards and key metrics reporting. Project managers will have real-time views across all projects. This helps them quickly identify performance and projects needing attention.

Project Delivery and Billing AGSuite Technologies


Expense Management AGSuite Technologies

Expense Management

Companies can customize business rules for expense management. Managers get notified when new expenses are entered against a project and are ready for approval. Employees can use a mobile device to directly upload images of receipts, while managers can approve/ disapprove while on the road or out of the office.


NetSuite SRP Key Benefits

  •  Streamlined operations
  •  Improved productivity – anytime, anywhere access
  •  Reduced bench time
  •  Increased resource utilization
  •  Ontime project delivery
  •  Increased visibility
  •  Improved invoicing accuracy
  •  Streamlined revenue recognition
  •  Reduced overheads
  •  Reduced billing cycles
  •  Better forecasts
  •  Realtime, Global financial consolidation


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