Frequently Asked Questions

AGSuite Technologies is a NetSuite Application where we can render all necessary information concerned with technological aspects of a business including ERP and CRM implementation, Customization and Modernization Input in Software modules, System Integration, Data Migration and Input Processing and Client Support enhancing user interaction worldwide. It functions through two primary applications in the form of SuiteTalk, Suitescripts and API Engines and Interfaces.

AGSuite believes in incorporating the principle of value creation. We strive towards making a difference for our consumers and thereby adding quality to our production and selling processes. Our dedicated team of professionals are adept at handling critical issues, thereby working with zeal and enthusiasm to encounter troubles, resolve them and help the business prosper and grow.

We have multiple ways

  • We analyse the business requirements, observe what is feasible to be attained through the integration of business processes and come up with a quote that would serve our purpose more significantly.
  • If the Business scope is kept undetermined, then we look for ways to set and establish a business scope. It is recommended based on a Fixed Bid (Fixed Price). We maintain clarity in exacting monetary amounts for our services as we calculate our fees on the actual hours spent in the work.
  • We have an established system of Contract Hours. Contract Hours range from 100, 250 to 500. The consumer can purchase Contract Hours as per the requirement of the user. Based on the contract hours consumed, services will be charged and fees will be levied.

We prefer to use Email communication for requests. If your query is urgent or service rendering is an Immediate concern from your end, you may contact us via the mobile number provided to you at the end of this website. For annual corporate meetings, we prefer Teams, Zoom Calls and Google Meet Virtual Calling Platforms.

If the company is based outside India, we refrain from charging any indirect taxes. However, if the base headquarters of your business is in India then we charge an 18% GST (Goods and Service Tax).

Yes, we are currently offering a Discount Package on our Contract Hours served. You can collect information about the package by contacting our sales team.

Our product portfolio includes ERP Implementation through NetSuite, Accounting Software Integration procedures, Business Process Management, Customer Enhancement and Interaction modules, Shopify and NetSuite Connector, Amazon NetSuite Connector, SmartCommissionApp and SmartTaxApp.

Our service portfolio includes Modification and Implementation of CRM and ERP Modules, System Integration through Netsuite functioning, Health Check and Accounts Auditing through integrated systems software, NetSuite Administrator Functioning, NetSuite Training and Management Support.

Our vision is to integrate people with diverse interests, develop the technological background of the business so that they find expertise in serving the needs and requirements of the consumers. It will also help the business come up with better and more concrete business mechanisms and solutions.

Our mission is to create a more optimized lifestyle among the consumers so that they are capable of using the best tools and techniques for fostering customer-seller relationships, maintaining loyalty and faith in the business processes and thereby promoting harmony in the working relationship through provisioning result-driven solutions.

The payment terms and criteria are subjective. It varies based on the nature of the consumer. However, some of the most common payment terms include :-

  • 1. If it is the fixed price, we do the Milestone Billing.
    (E.g. 25% Deposit, 25% on UAT, 25% on Training 25% on Go Live)
  • 2. If it is Time & Material, we invoice you for time spent at the end of the month.
  • 3. If you purchase Contract hours, we invoice on a fixed interval.
    (e.g. 50% Upfront, 25% Net 30, 25% Net 60)

We are available to resolve your query 24x7x365.

We use secure payment interfaces like PayPal, NEFT, RTGS Transfer, Wire Transfer and ACH.

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