Get the ability to create electronic documents (e-documents) to automate your order-to-cash and purchase-to-payment processes. AGSuite’s E-Invoicing software is built natively on NetSuite to allow you to remain compliant by using e-documents to exchange information on business transactions in standard data format.

NetSuite E-Invoice Software transactions

AGSuite’s E-Invoice Software helps you generate outbound XML or JSON e-documents from the following NetSuite transactions:

  •  Bill
  •  Credit Memos
  •  Cash Sales
  •  Cash Refunds
  •  Customer Payments
  •  Estimates
  •  Invoices
  •  Item Fulfillment
  •  Purchase Orders
  •  Registered Custom Transaction Types
  •  Returns
  •  Transfer Order
  •  Vendor Credit or Bill Credit


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India E-Invoicing Solution


You can send e-documents to your customers, vendors or tax agency, individually or in batches. You can send electronic invoicing through email or we can create a custom method like SOAP web services or automate the sending of e-documents by deploying scripts based on your unique business needs.

The inbound e-documents can be received from vendors or regulatory bodies. Inbound e-documents are received in NetSuite through email or SOAP web services. These inbound e-documents can be converted into supported NetSuite transactions.