Transform your wholesale distribution business with #1 Cloud ERP

To remain competitive, wholesale distributors need to stay agile. The only way for this is to quickly adopt changes as per changing market dynamics. As a leading cloud ERP solution, NetSuite eliminates the need of multiple, disparate applications by bringing data into a single system that can be accessible from anywhere, in real-time.

Real-time access to data allows employees to get actionable insights that they've been looking for. Every interaction can be recorded automatically —from marketing to selling to service and support. With NetSuite, wholesalers and distributors can easily reach customers using phone, email, in person and more to exceed the evolving expectations of today’s consumers.

Wholesale Distribution

NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Product Features



Improve your organizational efficiencies by understanding key metrics—like Cost of Goods Sold and Picking Accuracy. Reduce manual data entry by automating transaction flow, also gain real-time access to the financial and operational performance. Establish control and enable audit trails by maintaining compliance with applicable accounting standards.

Inventory Management:

Reduce handling cost, optimize cash flow, and deliver products in-time to your customers by Centrally managing inventory across multiple locations/ selling channels. Optimize inventory levels and minimize stock outs with demand-based planning, taking into account historical demand, sales forecasts and seasonality. Company-wide inventory visibility helps boost profitability and reduce shipping costs due to unplanned replenishment.

Customer Relationship Management:

Empower sales, support and service with real-time customer data for consistent customer experience. Create, track and analyze multi-channel marketing campaigns—including email, direct mail, and events with real-time performance monitoring. Automate case management by allowing customers to submit cases online, review the status, and reply with follow-up communications.


Unified ecommerce to backend systems with a single source of customer, order, and inventory data for a more engaging online experience. Responsive website designs for seamless shopping experience across different devices. Promotions and product recommendations based on merchant-driven rules for Increase Conversions. Allow shoppers to manage their accounts, track order status, request returns and submit inquiries.


Why AGSuite?

As a leading NetSuite implementation partner, AGSuite has developed a genuine methodology to help maximize every dollar of your ERP budget. Our NetSuite Consults will leave no stone unturned to ensure that NetSuite meets your business needs. We assist Wholesale and Distribution businesses in identifying areas of risk and inefficiency, rescue implementations, assist with NetSuite enhancements and improvements, provide support, training, and much more.