Zoho One

Zoho One

Zoho One is a powerful tool that can replace and perform better than your legacy tools, spreadsheets, and paper-based solutions. Like other tools, offered by Zoho, it is also scalable, flexible, smart, and customizable business software suitable for every business of any size and industry.

Zoho One is designed to support the growth of any type of business belonging to any industry with its comprehensive 35 solutions in one suite. Right from the front office to back office processes, everything can be streamlined with this One.

Zoho One is an integrated solution that helps businesses to have a complete control over the workflow and company’s data. It gives you immense space for innovation with its innovative features and allows you to operate even from your mobile.

Key Features

  • Packed with 35 business applications in one.
  • Ease of working with this multi-device system.
  • Improved inventory management, accounting, and expense management.
  • Conferencing system based upon browser.

Technical Details

  • Supporting Devices : Windows, Mac, and Web-based Android systems.
  • Supporting Language : Chinese, Danish, French, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Europe), Dutch, German, Swedish, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, English, Czech, Turkish, Polish, and Korean.
  • Suitable Businesses : Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non Profits, Public Administrations, Small Businesses.

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