Zoho SalesIQ

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Zoho SalesIQ

In the times when websites have become a lead generating asset, Zoho SalesIQ has made it easier for businesses to track their website visitors. Not only tracking, but it also facilitates businesses to offer live chat support. This Zoho tool has delivers in-depth insights so that you can work on your website’s performance.

Zoho SalesIQ offers customer support capabilities, reducing your expense for additional software. Your customers will get instant replies for their queries directly through website, resulting in more conversions. It is a sales intelligence, sales management, and customer support tool at the same time.

Key Features

  • Visitor Geo-location Tracking
  • Visitor Activity Tracking
  • Automated Chat Translation
  • Start Charts based on Visitor Activity
  • Real-Time Traffic Monitoring
  • Customizable Chat Box
  • Prioritized List of Visitors
  • Interaction History
  • JavaScript APIs

Technical Details

  • Supporting Devices : Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, and Web-based.
  • Supporting Language : English
  • Suitable Businesses : Freelancers, Small, Medium, and Large Businesses.

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