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Zoho People - 5 Benefits of using an employee management System/Software

Employees are the greatest asset for any business. Several sophisticated systems or any well-thought procedure is incomplete if you do not have a motivated, and well-managed staff. An HR professional is responsible for related tasks like recruiting, onboarding and being updated on all compliances. A robust HR Management System with digitized and automated connects employees with employees via HR to carry out administrative related work.

Zoho People is one such HR Software Solution developed by Zoho Corporation. It is a part of the Zoho suite of business applications targeted at small to medium-scale organizations. Zoho People lets teams easily access information from your on-site computers and mobile devices. This lets employees communicate easier with the flexibility for them to check their work status on their tablets and smartphones. The platform lets employees collaborate and communicate using an internal hub. The software also allows data sync with external systems and real-time analytics.

Zoho People - Benefits

Employee Management Systems can help you and your team in many ways saving precious time and resources.

Zoho People - 5 Benefits of using an employee management System/Software

Streamlined Information

Zoho People software centralizes your records and stores them in one secured hub to let it access by authorized personnel. The platform is highly scalable and customizable with the use of webhooks and APIs. It also helps in working on performance appraisal cycles. The goal setting, tracking, and self-appraisal feature support performance, data analytics, and corrective measures for the performance. The 360-degree feedback feature further enhances collaboration and reviews.

Zoho People can be used by managers and employees to prioritize tasks, approve actions, create checklists, manage integration, and many such actions. Notifications feed, and reminders are used in real-time to keep everyone updated on the project status. Teams can communicate among themselves via iOS and Android devices.

Employee Conscious

Zoho People is always conscious about its workers in addition to the managers. The availability of a self-service portal makes it easily accessible and handy. It can be used to update employee data in case of any changes. It can also be used to update time and attendance by themselves in addition to filing travel requests, documents, and reimbursements. Here, Zoho People makes it easy to process this information from both employee and employer perspectives.

Enhanced Workforce Management

Whether it is a startup or a multinational company, relying on manual processes to manage and monitor your employee data is not only cumbersome but also prone to errors making your business prone errors. Here, data isn’t made available to stakeholders in real-time as it is unsure if the data hold the latest value. An employee management tool makes it easy to make it work towards the betterment of the business and not against it.

Elevated Employee Engagement

Company staff is the most valuable asset of an organization. Organizations cannot understand the full potential of an employee unless it builds a conducive environment for their staff and boosts engagement.

Employee Management Systems provide powerful employee-employer communication through a platform that evaluates and tracks goal setting, staff development, motivation, and promotion of viable career paths.

Secured Compliance

There are a few regulatory and legal obligations that employers need to follow about staff and staff information. Inability to produce any specific doc can lead to a serious penalty. Adhering to compliance is something that companies need to keep up with industry rules.

Employee Management Systems eases businesses to get hold of documents, and analyze and report them as and when required. The data retrieved are the latest ones, hence there is no worry about proving any outdated information. It is easy to generate I-9s, W-4s, and other related data in just a few clicks. Few of the management systems do provide notification alerts as to when any record needs updating.

Zoho People is a Cloud-based HRMS primarily used to capture, organize, and store employee information in a handy electronic format. This powerful configuration can only be taken advantage of when the collected data is analyzed for helpful insights that assist in resolving deep-rooted business challenges.

A few of the challenges could be unusual staff turnover, overtime, or excess headcount in a department. Metrics and analytics can work out the core of the problem. Data gives clarity to conversations and carries out fact-based discussions which is the baseline for transparent organizational goals. Employee Management Systems allows HR staff and management from the tedious administrative tasks to focus on innovative and versatile business development.

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