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ZOHO DESK: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

Customer service is the pillar of a successful business. Without efficient customer service, even a great product, service, or marketing team struggles to retain clients and generate leads. Hence, to suffice all your assistance services, Zoho Desk is an ideal option that boosts user satisfaction by delegating support agents. Keep reading to discover how Zoho Desk builds to be an easy method without hassle.

What is Zoho Desk?

Zoho Desk is a web-based help desk software that helps you streamline your customer support assistance. The tool works well for omnichannel support, ticket system, workflow automation, self-service tools, and AI-based chat system. The sole reason is to provide quality customer support tools that maximize management and agent productivity with correlated reporting for better decision-making. It is a great value-for-money product starting with a free plan to the premium.

Zoho Desk is best for multiple channel support like chat, social media, tickets, email, etc. It acts as a call center solution. It stays on top of all aspects of customer service for live reporting and management. Zoho help desk converts tickets rapidly into knowledge base articles. The important service of Zoho Desk is the support, hence it manages and closes support tickets on priority.

ZOHO DESK: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

Best Features of Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk includes all the customer support elements required to enhance customer engagement. Users can customize a tool for their needs and improve the software scalability. Let us look at the best features of the Zoho Desk help center that make it beneficial, and simple to use.

Ticket System

Zoho Desk comprises the best ticket management system with smart ways to enhance customer management by scanning all requests. You can set the priority, assign for resolution, and manage tickets across diverse platforms using a multi-channel ticket management system.

The tool does not require technical knowledge and easily integrates incoming queries from various channels like live chat, email, web form, etc. into a single channel for resolution. Once a ticket is raised and assigned to a support agent, they can view their previous history and refrain from asking about their details every time. It saves time and lets the agent understand the problem a customer raises with all support agents and what were the communication channels involved. Here, all information can be stored in Zoho CRM.

Zoho Desk software transforms all incoming inquiries across all channels and converts them into tickets. The support agents resolve every ticket, without any of them being lost. This ensures all raised tickets are provided with a solution. The tool also works on a defined rule based on the agent's profile with inquiries assigned to specific agents.

AI Help Agent

When it comes to any query, customers prefer live chat to get a quick resolution rather than emails or forms that take around 24 hours or more to get an answer-back. In such a situation, a Zoho AI-powered agent known as “Zia” shows up. Zia can chat or talk to customers and resolve their issues proactively. Zia is well known for being a smart assistant that can work on user requests and generate appropriate responses suitably.

The smart agent is also capable of placing an order, canceling, or adding an express delivery to the order. Zia is mainly built to assist customers before they raise a ticket. It is capable of scanning issues faced by customers and sharing related knowledge base articles to follow and get a solution. If the query is unresolved then the customers are transferred to a live chat support agent to log a ticket.

Zia is also skilled to explore knowledge base articles for their relevancy and report the management for required alterations. The AI-powered smart agent can replicate customer sentiment by escalating the issue if a chat is getting unbalanced. Zia is a helpful assistant for support agents with its potential to help agents with relevant customer issues even before they type. Agents can then use those answers or tweak them before sharing them live with customers. This assistant also helps in getting the chat analytics to survey team performance.


Each organization works in its style, and irrespective of the size or service, no two companies will have similar requirements. There will be some level of customization demanded by companies. Zoho Desk cloud customer support software helps you modify the software as per brand requirements.

Zoho Desk allows customization on native integrations. Zoho Desk can be integrated with the Zoho CRM module, Zoho Books, Sprints, or Bug Tracker. The API and SDK files are available to build a custom app or integrate your Zoho functionality with an extension, web, or mobile application. Zoho Desk comprises its marketplace with many custom app integrations for various niches. You can search based on different parameters and create your custom extension if required.


The digital industry demands automation for a faster job execution with better results and also free up time. All this can be achieved with the Zoho Desk automation tools. It lets you create automated paths using the drag-and-drop blueprint builder. The automated process can involve any team member and separate automated paths are not required for different teams. These paths are updated only once an action is taken by a member to identify and manage gridlocks if any.

Zoho desk automation also reduces employee training time and minimizes the learning curve. It is also possible to automate workflows, field updates, notifications, and more.


Customer service is a team work with collaboration with different resources and teams that a help desk tool must incorporate for quick and efficient inquiry resolution. To make things simpler, Zoho allows agents to tag a team instead of an individual. This helps in assigning a member internally. Popular apps like Slack can be integrated with Zoho Desk for communication. The tickets can have split ownership for efficient ticket closure instead of alternating them.

Tagging is another element that can be used for future references. This can help other team members during searches and find your comments and suggestions. Ticket collision detection is another function that prevents replying to the same ticket that can already be taken care of. Ticket peaks help agents get a peek at the proceeding conversions and issues and check if your intervention is required or not. Your response can be saved as a template for future reference for team members.

Reporting and Analytics

Zoho Desk reporting and analytics is a premium service with every detail readily available on the dashboard. Managers can generate a dashboard with the team’s stats to check their team status. The time-based reports show parameters like

  • Average response time
  • First response time
  • Average resolution time

These stats show team members’ performance over time. Managers can discover actionable insights to track agents’ online presence, duration of a conversation, or agents receiving negative remarks. It helps in analyzing and evaluating an agent's performance. Apart from Zoho reports, custom reports and analytics can also be created that can be set up, and accessed easily. Zoho Radar App lets you on the go customer management where reports can be emailed, and you can stay updated even if you are offline.


Overall, the Zoho desk help center provides the best ticketing system in all categories. The affordable pricing, free trial, customization options, and managing on the go make it an optimum help desk support solution.

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