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What are the benefits of Zoho One over individual Zoho Services?

Significance of Choosing Zoho One Over Individual Zoho Services

The cumulative marketer population today, from small to medium scale businesses, and to large enterprises depend on Zoho for their various business purposes. Zoho users used a few prominent applications when they started. Now, users are coming across the importance of adopting Zoho One over individual Zoho services.

If you are one of the users and stumbled upon the same query, which one to choose, we have all answers here. To be thorough on our choices, we will uncover what Zoho and Zoho One are, understand the differences between them and help you understand the advantages of using Zoho One over individual Zoho services.

benefits of zoho one over individual zoho services

What is Zoho?

Zoho is a cloud software suite for productivity and full-scale business process management. It is a suite of around forty applications provided by Zoho Corporation for various process modules.

Zoho CRM is a 360-degree customer relationship management solution that offers features like sales funnels, contact management, AI assistant, task management, inventory management, reporting, and task management. It comes with seamless integration of third-party business apps within a single business ecosystem.

What is Zoho One?

Zoho One is an integrated solution approach of applications that consistently manages sales, marketing, finance, operations, and human resources through a centralized method. With Zoho One cloud customer support software, keeping the business running is a lot easier with access to thirty-five applications. In other words, Zoho One acts as an operating system for your business where the application can be customized for a smarter and faster working system.

What is the difference between Zoho and Zoho One?

Understanding the difference between Zoho and Zoho One brings out the highlights of each platform and gives a clear picture of both business software models. Zoho is a stack of applications where individual services can be selected separately, while Zoho One is also a stack of applications that comes as a package. Few of the other aspects include the pricing and application features that vary with the number of users, volumes, and integration tools.

Factors to consider before choosing between Zoho and Zoho One

Depending upon the need of the business, one can choose to either implement an independent Zoho service or select the complete package that comes with Zoho One.

The prime factors to consider before opting-

Price effect on your business

Before you decide on the a la carte model or the complete bundle, it is best to compare the cost savings you could make with a plan and its advantages for your enterprise. The overall price check gives a better idea if you need to go with multiple applications that are included in Zoho One or separate services if you do not use them.

Another point to note is that Zoho One comes at a remarkably affordable price with several applications and features. If you own a small enterprise then choosing the required application works for your model. But, in the case of large enterprises, the feature-rich array of applications in the Zoho One bundle works prominently.

Functional requirements

Every business model comes with different requirements. In cases where you look for feature-rich applications for various functionalities, but all in a single package then, Zoho One is the best choice.

Cost reduction during implementation

Zoho One is a complete bundle with massive functionalities. In a business where Zoho CRM is already in place, and you need more applications to fulfill more requirements, opting for any individual services could be a good option for that moment. Considering the subscription costs, API integrations, and customizations, Zoho One is your best bet.

Zoho One solution helps when the customizations done on an A La Carte basis seem costly. So, it is better to understand the business and follow the process involved with the cost saving to narrow down your plan to select the Zoho One solution.

Advantages of using Zoho One

Zoho One is an all-in-one business solution with simple access to its applications. Here are a few of the benefits.

All in one comprehensive marketing solution

Businesses of all types keep growing in capacity and services with time. The need for operations, sales, marketing, communication, and accounting also keeps growing. But, what about the software requirement? The software requirements stagnate due to a lack of economic advancement.

Therefore, Zoho development services comprise all the required applications to build a productive workplace. Zoho One business suite includes applications to skillfully manage the day-to-day operations, better project management, and enhanced team collaboration at an affordable point in pricing.

An integrated method of business

The Zoho Integration service allows integration with several third-party applications as most of the processes are automated saving a lot of time. Once data is entered by a sales personnel, client information is saved in the CRM. The data can be accessed by the entire system without any need to log into every module, every time, avoiding redundant data entry tasks.

Safe and secure customizations

As every business has its process model, so is the application, and its solution. Zoho One business suite can be personalized depending on a business’s unique model. Zoho Creator grants the option to create distinctive applications relevant to your workflow. It offers a refined user interface to allow functional applications, and API integrations to perform seamlessly across all platforms. Zoho One extends no-code and low-code frameworks for building broad elements.

Account security

Today, when the working model is remote, it is crucial to safeguard management software and business productivity from any location. Real-time communication and connection are the need of the hour. Zoho One lets secure account access to acquire online resources and keep the process running. Account restricted access is crucial while handling sensitive and safeguarding its security. Hierarchical access in Zoho One allows data security and redundant entries.

Order management

Zoho One support allows business operations to run smoothly with its array of tools to manage and deliver orders across multiple channels through inventory management. Business operators can get real-time updates on their stocks, to plan and manage their distribution.

Prompt customer support

When business is at its largest, there are customers to frequently deal with, and it becomes cumbersome to help them with queries and additional support daily. Hence, Zoho One solves this obstacle with Zoho customer service. It unifies various methods by which a customer could approach a business. It can be through a channel like social media, phone, chat, email, or remote support. Be it any channel, customers need not have a longer ticket response time with quick responses that will leave them with utter satisfaction.


Zoho One is a comprehensive all-in-one solution capable of powering up and managing businesses. The complete set of applications is put forth to enhance business effectiveness and efficiency. Marketers can blindly dive into the Zoho One easy management platform now. What is waiting for? Try Zoho One today!

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