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Top Reasons To Upgrade From Your On-Premise ERP To True Cloud ERP In 2023

As a small and mid sized organization, you must be aware how costly it is to manage and maintain an on-premise ERP solution. Apart from this, scalability is a big issue with on-premise systems. Whenever you need to scale up the resources, you need to invest in hardware resources. However, these issues can be tackled easily with true cloud ERP solutions like Oracle NetSuite. In this blog, we’ll discuss what are true cloud ERP systems, why you should upgrade to a true cloud ERP solution in 2023, and why NetSuite is the best available option in the market.

How is a true cloud ERP different from other cloud services?

True Cloud solutions are developed to operate better as a fully-hosted solution. The vendors host, maintain, and manage these solutions. The clients don’t have to worry about the hardware, security, and updates since the vendor takes care of all these things. We can also say that true cloud solutions have multi-tenancy architecture. It means that a single instance of software runs on a server and serves multiple customers. These tenants are integrated physically but are logically separated. Thus, every tenant operates the same version of ERP software.

Top Reasons To Upgrade From Your On-Premise ERP To True Cloud ERP In 2023

Why should you upgrade to a true cloud ERP solution like Oracle NetSuite in 2023?

  • Seamless upgrades

NetSuite is built on a principle of continuous innovation. It means that Oracle rolls out new features regularly so that clients can efficiently manage their business processes. Since NetSuite is a true cloud solution, every client will get access to these upgrades instantly, not some specific clients. It means that this model of continuous innovation will make your business agile and responsive to your users needs.

  • Resilient infrastructure

True cloud ERP systems are hosted by vendors and they are fully accountable for their maintenance and availability. They are accountable for providing the maximum amount of uptime. For example, NetSuite guarantees 99% uptime. Furthermore, vendors are also responsible for business continuity and disaster recovery. Thus, they create back ups along different geographies. In the case of NetSuite, it has multiple data centers, operating across different geographies.

  • Built-in security

True cloud ERP vendors configure their systems layer-wise so that every organization can access its own data and customizations. Furthermore, they use monitoring tools, access policies, and controls to ensure that clients’ applications, network, and data remain safe. Apart from this, their internal teams carry out frequent internal and external scans to identify vulnerabilities and assess the effectiveness of the patch management process. For a small and mid sized company, implementing all these things along with compliance management strategies can be a daunting and costly task.

  • Cost-effective scalability

In case of on-premise ERP solutions, scaling up the capacity can be a costly affair since you need to make a provision with the hardware. However, in the case of true cloud solutions like NetSuite, you get the elasticity that helps organizations to scale instantly, expand seamlessly, and launch internationally at reduced costs. With support for the pay-as-you-go subscription model, companies can plan their expenses well-in-advance.

  • Business Agility

Difficult times don’t come with a warning. Most recent example of this is Covid-19. However, true cloud solutions like NetSuite empower companies with the agility to rapidly deploy new business models and products. They eliminate the need to reconfigure or reprogram any of the software.

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As you’re now aware that true cloud ERP solutions like NetSuite can offer several benefits to your business. You also need to understand that upgrading to a cloud ERP solution is a big step for your business. Thus, guidance from an authorized NetSuite Consulting partner can be very helpful. AGSuite is a leading Oracle NetSuite Solution provider that can tailor NetSuite as per your unique business needs. Feel free to contact AGSuite, if you’re looking for reliable NetSuite implementation and allied services.

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