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Top NetSuite Integration for your business

If you’re using NetSuite to manage and automate backend processes separately with other enterprise apps, it may lead to inefficiencies due to lack of actionable insights and manual transfer of data from one system to another. For instance, if you’re using NetSuite ERP to manage backend processes and Shopify to manage ecommerce without integrating both systems, business users need to move critical data like online orders and fulfillment between these systems manually. This manual transfer of data can lead to costly errors to your business.

You can address these challenges by leveraging NetSuite integration capabilities. In this blog, we’ll cover top NetSuite integration for your business.

1. NetSuite Shopify Integration

Merchants who’re using Shopify and NetSuite separately need to understand that they aren’t realizing the full potential of either system. NetSuite Shopify integration automates critical business processes such as order fulfillment, inventory count updates, pricing updates, financial reporting, etc and eliminates errors due to manual data entry between systems, reduces data processing time, saving your organization’s time and money.

Top NetSuite Integration for your business

2. NetSuite Magento Integration

This use-case is for organizations that are using NetSuite ERP to manage backend processes and Magento for ecommerce. If you’re using both systems separately, it will lead to inefficiencies as business users have to spend time in moving critical data between the systems manually. NetSuite Magento integration makes your operations more efficient as you no longer need to rely on manual data entry between systems. Furthermore, integration equipped you with advanced capabilities like intelligent inventory procurement and shipment.

3. HubSpot NetSuite Integration

If you’re using NetSuite and HubSpot, NetSuite HubSpot integration helps you in a number of ways. For instance, lead or contact created in HubSpot will automatically show in your NetSuite account. If you want that your sales team works solely in HubSpot but quotes in NetSuite, integration allows that using iFrame.

4. Salesforce NetSuite Integration

NetSuite Salesforce integration saves time and reduces errors as users can raise invoices, sales orders, and estimate in NetSuite based on Salesforce data. Furthermore, they can see financial data within Salesforce to have a complete picture of client relationships. Integration can be done using Celigo connectors.

5. Workday NetSuite Integration

NetSuite Workday integration allows businesses to use Workday as a Human Capital Management system to store employees records while using NetSuite as the system of transaction for all ERP operations.


You’re now aware that integrating NetSuite with disparate systems streamlines your business processes and eliminates errors due to manual processes. As you now also know top NetSuite integration, you need to understand that integrating NetSuite with other enterprise apps requires sound technical and functional skills. If you don’t have in-house skills, it is recommended that you should hire an authorized NetSuite integration partner like AGSuite.

AGSuite uses SuiteCloud’s web services to extend NetSuite into any business process, ensuring exchange of data from your NetSuite account with on-premises applications and cloud-native environments by building reliable and scalable integrations.
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