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The Most Common Complaints About Zoho CRM, and Why They're Bunk

Zoho CRM is an omnichannel cloud-based customer relationship management platform designed for all types of businesses with centralized sales, marketing, and support management. It assists global businesses to get a hold on their business process and build strong and long-lasting relationships. Zoho comes with over forty advanced applications that bring automation for your brands' social presence to a centralized management system for your business.

The Zoho CRM software cloud-based business platform offers automated sales and marketing tools for helpdesk, analytics, and customer support operations. The Zoho products offer extension to over 300 third-party applications like Office 365, MailChimp, and G Suite. The CRM lets you connect to your vendors, partners, and customers on social media, email, and multiple other communication channels for more conversions and analyzing trends. This aids in advance journey planning to engage with customers at every stage in your campaign.

The Zoho CRM Cloud customer support software omnichannel is beneficial for businesses to nurture customer relationships anytime via email, phone, chat for social media, business, and other communication channels to connect with them and enhance customer experience. Users are free to create their unique dashboards and reports for parameters like deals, revenue, lead generation, etc. Coming to the size of the business, Zoho is the best CRM software for small business because of its customizable interface.

The Most Common Complaints of Zoho CRM That Are Bunked

Common Complaints of Zoho CRM

There are potential pros and cons for every product in the market. While we try to outweigh the cons compared to its pros, it is equally important to know what the software can offer, what you gain, and what things you can be careful. Let us know a few things about the software drawbacks.

Offers on Free and Budget Versions

The free version of Zoho CRM is a great way to start. With the free package, there are not many features you get to experience. Many important features can be availed only on high-paid pricing plans.

The Standard Monthly plan for $12 per month comprises limited features. The Professional Monthly plan for $20 per month gives you many good features, but if you are looking for a low-budget package with all features then Zoho free version does not suffice your requirement.

Customer Service Response Time

Zoho CRM comes with several add-on elements with good chances for queries. Though there is detailed documentation, videos, guided tours, and FAQs available, there will be times when you are required to chat live for instant solutions.

Zoho CRM chat support system is lacking. Instances of users being on hold for several minutes and multiple call transfers has been noted not-so-good experiences for them. It is a constraint that makes the CRM experience not much pleasurable.

No customization

The customization is another point where the CRM does not offer personalization options for your business requirements. You will need to purchase a plan if you want a customized dashboard, extra modules, custom reports, and required own features.

Unpleasant Interface

The user interface of the CRM software does not give a pleasant outlook, and many steps are involved in processing a simple task. There are many navigations with management and search features unavailable. Sometimes, the app becomes too slow to use.

Deficient Statistics

With a large number of accounts, using CRM is difficult. The free version does not provide any queue for lead assignments. Even in a paid account, there is no way to add more than one contact for a lead, and there cannot be multiple contacts for a single lead.

Even with this, Zoho CRM Implementation Services tops the list for small and medium-sized businesses. It is one of the top-notch customer relationship management tools in the market today. Regarding several trials and tests, Zoho CRM is still one of the top CRM options for the following reasons.

Ideally, the installation and setup of Zoho are straightforward. Small to medium-sized organizations can embark on their businesses with less time spent learning to set up, execute and debug.

The available setup guide makes it simple to set up without professional assistance. The stepwise guide helps cover each process avoiding any complications. The basic installation can be completed at the beginning followed by further integration, and addition of extensions to personalize and make it ready for your requirements.

Once the Zoho implementation activity completes, the CRM is pretty easy to use. The user interface makes it easy to use with little or no training required to get started. The Home page provides complete details on the open tasks, leads, stagewise revenue, sales for the closing month, and more.

The design is plain and focuses on prime aspects making it straightforward to use. A simple menu bar shows details like Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Deals Reports, Activities, Analytics, etc. for smooth navigation from one page to another.

As business requirements for every organization vary, Zoho CRM software offers the needed flexibility suitable for your business. In addition to this, there are a lot of customization options for top performance. Zoho Marketplace manages your finances, sales, and productivity well with added extensions and integrations. Most of the add-on features come cost-free and code-free to integrate with Zoho.

As Zoho CRM involves several features and customizations, getting along with a few can be complicated. That is where free video tutorials come in handy that offer how-to videos for handling data processes to interlinking modules.

Zoho Mobile App function is a great way to use the tool on the go. The app is designed to let your functions run the same way as they would work on your laptop. The interface is friendly to keep the functions straightforward to use. The app can also work in offline mode in case of network unavailability. It comes with the location feature to inform you of your current location. Hence, the process from launching to closing a deal is plain and simple.

Further, Zoho offers many pricing plans with a version with zero cost and zero obligations. The free version can be availed for up to three users. If you extend to the paid packages, multiple add-on, and additional features can be unlocked.

Overall, Zoho is an excellent option for customer relationship management, ideal for small to medium-sized businesses with lower pricing alternatives. The upper price tiers work well for large-scale and big-budget companies. The software is versatile enough to work well with various companies with different needs.

Moreover, the tool's user-friendliness makes it the top choice in the market. Data access is fast and easy with its intuitive design highlighting features on the main screen. The pricing of the software is reasonable compared to its alternatives. So, check out Zoho CRM today for a worthy buy.

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