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NetSuite SuiteSuccess: All you need to know

There is no denying the fact that ERP implementation is a big investment in your company’s success. It helps in streamlining business processes, offering more control over business, and staying compliant to regulators. Although the benefits of ERP are numerous, business leaders often hesitate to invest in it. Their concerns are valid and backed by thorough research.

  • According to Oracle, 70% of the ERP projects fail to stay on schedule or within budget, and two-thirds have a negative return on investment due to cost-overruns.
  • McKinsey states that more than 70% of all digital transformations fail.
  • As stated in ERP focus, 57% of ERP systems take longer than expected and 54% of ERP systems exceed projected budget targets.

In this era of cut-throat competition, time waste is money waste. It means that if a project schedule extends beyond an expected milestone, untoward enterprise ERP budgets tend to skew toward loss rather than profit.

NetSuite SuiteSuccess: All you need to know

To address these challenges, NetSuite has launched SuiteSuccess. Designed for small and rapidly growing companies, SuiteSuccess is a product based on NetSuite implementation approach to enable you to go live in 100 days or less.

NetSuite SuiteSuccess eliminates the need of exhaustive process discovery and excessive customizations that consumes a lot of time and budget. Rather than spending excessive time in lengthy interviews and custom software demos, SuiteSuccess allows you to get started with pre-configured functionality based on leading industry practices. It means that SuiteSuccess comes packaged with all KPIs, workflows, reports and value-driven dashboards to meet the day-to-day and strategic needs of all key roles within your company.

The pre-configured functionalities help in rapid adoption and quick implementation. Instead of recreating the whole system, SuiteSuccess takes advantage of the common functionality along with industry-leading practices that simplifies the implementation process. Thus, in just one quarter (100 days), you can grow your business like never before.

Key benefits of NetSuite SuiteSuccess

Day 1 ready:

It is a pre-configured solution that delivers a unique set of processes and functionality for financials, CRM, inventory management and self-service so that organizations can grow, scale and adapt to change quickly.

Faster time-to-value:

SuiteSuccess supports phase-wise implementation. It means departments more critical to your business will go live first. Example financials. After that, companies can gradually scale up suites based on their unique business needs. That drives faster time-to-value, better ROI and greater employee adoption.

Visibility and insights:

Unified front and back-office delivers a complete view of your business in real time combining data with visual analytics to generate meaningful and actionable insights.

How can AGSuite help you?

If you’re looking to deploy SuiteSuccess for your business quickly and cost-effectively, AGSuite is your-one stop destination. As an authorized NetSuite implementation partner, AGSuite helps you in licensing, implementation, configuration, integration, and support services.

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