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NetSuite integration guide: All you need to know

NetSuite Integration

Without any doubt, Oracle NetSuite is a globally recommended enterprise resource planning software with more than 31,000 customers. NetSuite automates backend processes to pump up efficiency and productivity. Often businesses use NetSuite ERP along with several other enterprise productivity software like ecommerce, CRM, third-party logistic software etc to support their business processes. Many times, businesses use NetSuite and these productivity apps separately. This can lead to huge losses due to inaccurate and siloed data.

Siloed data and inaccurate information is the biggest bottleneck in growth. To address this problem, you can leverage NetSuite integration capabilities. NetSuite is a great ERP platform that comes packed with built-in integration capabilities. You can integrate NetSuite seamlessly with a bunch of software that handles your day to day business activities to enable automatic and continuous flow of information between NetSuite and the other applications in your environment.

In this blog, we’ll discuss NetSuite integration capabilities. We’ll also discuss how NetSuite integration works and what are the benefits of NetSuite integration with other applications.

NetSuite integration guide: All you need to know

What is NetSuite integration?

Designed to improve the operational efficiencies within an organization, NetSuite SuiteCloud platform comes with built-in extensibility. It is used to integrate on-premises and cloud-native applications with NetSuite in order to remove data silos. NetSuite’s REST or SOAP web services pave the way to securely connect NetSuite business data with any external system or third-party application.

For example, many organizations use Shopify and NetSuite separately and spend most of their time manually moving critical data like online orders and fulfillment between these platforms. With NetSuite Shopify integration, you can automate the movement of data to improve the operational efficiencies.

How does NetSuite integration work?

NetSuite integration requires SuiteTalk (NetSuite integration platform) and SuiteScript (NetSuite customization platform).


Leveraging SuiteTalk web services, developers can easily enhance, extend and integrate third party and legacy systems seamlessly with NetSuite. SuiteTalk offers programmatic access to NetSuite data and processes using an XML API. Using message oriented exchanges, data can be sent to and from NetSuite.


Built on JavaScript, SuiteScript enables customization and automation of business processes. SuiteScript consists of different components - Suitelets, SuiteScript UI Objects, Portlet, Scheduled SuiteScript, etc to enable customization in NetSuite. Core business records and user information can be accessed and manipulated via SuiteScript to cater to unique business needs.

Every organization doesn’t have the capabilities and time to work with SuiteTalk and SuiteScript. If such is the case, you can hire a NetSuite integration partner to connect your third-party applications with NetSuite. One such trusted partner is AGSuite. They offer a wide array of NetSuite integration services including

Top benefits of NetSuite Integration


Integrating NetSuite with other enterprise apps automates sharing of data to free up business users for other critical jobs.

Greater accuracy:

Since data transfers automatically between NetSuite and other apps, it eliminates errors due to human intervention, saving organizations from costly errors.

Smoother business processes:

With end-to-end integration, NetSuite streamlines your business operations. For example, if NetSuite is integrating with ecommerce, customers will have real-time visibility into inventory while business users can easily track customer orders.

Smarter decision making:

NetSuite integration eliminates data silos, enabling smarter decision making. Since business leaders have all their data at one centralized place, they can easily gain actionable insights to make data driven decisions.


NetSuite integration offers several advantages to your business if performed well. Although NetSuite integration seems simple, it is devilish in details. If you lack the technical expertise to do it yourself, you should consider hiring a trusted NetSuite integration partner like AGSuite.

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