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Establish a Compelling Knowledgebase With Zoho Desk

An excellent knowledge base is decisive in bettering customer support experience while lowering support costs. Customers find a product easy to use when they can easily find satisfactory solutions to their queries online. Your knowledge base content is also a great marketing tool to grab people’s attention to address their doubts. Fundamentally, it is important to understand and make use of the knowledge base features in Zoho Desk and improve customer experience.

All About Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is detailed documentation that contains resolutions for common questions that customers have about a service or a product. Generally, the knowledge base provides tutorials, videos, how-to guides, and answers to specific questions. The contents can be used to find answers that customers might have before purchasing.

Establish a Compelling Knowledgebase With Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk knowledge base consists of an internal search tool that enables finding answers to related products without navigating to a third-party website. Here, the search tool is necessary when knowledge bases are configured to access only with a login. On the other hand, when knowledge bases are accessed publicly, they can be used for marketing and SEO tools.

Search engines are another faster medium for customers to search for online content facilitating improved customer experience. Knowledge bases act like search engines with a high level of trust. Hence, knowledge base content earns top rankings also preventing customers from jumping to competitor’s sites for more information.

Zoho Desk Knowledge Bases

Zoho Desk is a robust tool to provide a full-fledged resource needed to create, manage, and optimize each element of customer support experience for businesses of all types. The knowledge bases offer faster results minimizing manual customer support with personalized help assistance. It also integrates a high-class knowledge base with your website branding that automatically simulates the HTML and CSS of your website giving a user-friendly interface.

Once the knowledge base is set up, content can be created right away. Zoho Desk KB assists in organizing your archives letting faster discovery of information. The tool also lets you create a community where answers can be shared that is more engaging to customers. The forum can be expanded and include your team members, power users, or consultants which can also boost their credibility.

Knowledge Base Management

Zoho Desk knowledge base content management system makes it an easy task to add, remove and organize content. Any support article can be added with the help of an editor and once you are done with adding the content, you can either send it for approval or publish it immediately. Articles can also be organized according to their categories, unpublish or delete with a few clicks. Hence, knowledge base management is simple and easy as compared to traditional support processes.

Knowledge Base Optimization

The main objective of any business is to gain traffic to its website. Today, content is king and quality content never goes unseen. Links are of the most importance, so the topic-wise relevance and content quality decide the rankings of the published content. In Zoho Desk, the knowledge base features let you determine which keywords and content can be most relevant. It can also create meta tags, maps, and navigation systems for best SEO practices.

Control Access Permissions

As the value of digital information has increased, so is the rise in stimulus for hackers to leak, steal, or hack data. In most cases, data breach happens as a result of internal misuse of information, Zoho Desk provides a suite of tools by businesses that are required to restrict access to their knowledge base. Permissions can be set for specific categories, articles, etc where administrators can have full control access through an intuitive interface.

Build Community

Building a strong community is a way towards growing a sustainable business. Building a community for your website lets you take complete charge of your website and customer interaction. Few customers may be interested in answers by other customers rather than what is already published. Hence, customer support can be a great method to build a forum.

Zoho Desk adds up suggestions, announcements, problems, and queries in major areas of interest. Zoho comprises a powerful dashboard for monitoring engagements and providing quick solutions to keep customer interest intact. Hence, businesses can obtain a faster response to queries and understand areas of improvement.

Knowledge Base for Your Business

By constructing a knowledge base your business can recognize and enhance opportunities, improve customer retention, and bring in new customers. Zoho Desk can do all this in no time. Zoho-authorized partners like AGSuite can assist you to frame a knowledge base for your business in a way that can boost your search traffic and enhance your ability to determine opportunities with the help of analytics and social listening.

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