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Wholesale Distribution is an important aspect of business growth. Wholesale distribution refers to the bulk transportation, purchase, and sale of goods and the activities associated with the transfer of goods through different single and multi-layered distribution channels. Wholesale distribution of goods involves a lot of elements like customers, suppliers, and intermediaries. As the gamut of wholesale distribution increases, the impending level of complexity associated with the functioning of wholesale distribution about the amount of taxation to be charged and the quota and tariff limits to be levied on the goods become a complex calculation. This can at times lead to disruption in the overall trade balance and thereby create a negative impression among businesses regarding the facet of wholesale distribution.

NetSuite Application is one of the most popular cloud-based platforms providing a systematic interface to the functioning and operation of wholesale businesses. It provides a CRM and an ERP platform thereby orienting the needs of the business enterprise, aggregating demand patterns, and bringing about increased efficiency in the wholesale distribution of goods. The following reasons justify the fact why wholesale distributors should choose NetSuite :-

Complete Dynamic View of the Business

With growth and development being channeled through your business, your business must expand. With the expansion, your business will spread to different parts of the world obtaining a global scale. Initially, you might face a problem in controlling the business operations. Therefore NetSuite applications will help you keep a dynamic watch over your business. Through NetSuite, you can monitor warehouse data, track individual orders and check their live status of transportation. NetSuite through its advanced ERP and CRM Application will help in garnering prosperous growth for your business. Therefore more flexibility and control in business operations is possible if you adopt NetSuite Applications for your wholesale distribution operations.

Single Unified Business Solution

Initially, traditional businesses faced a lot of problems when the age of technological upgrade ushered in. They had a different set of software for different applications and usage. For example- a traditional business module had an application for tracking order status, while it used a different application for transporting consignments from one part of the globe to another. Some businesses also developed a myriad of software tools and techniques that would help them analyze trade patterns and identify feasible business solutions that would be the result of such analysis.

Such a complicated atmosphere became a cause of concern for the businesses since they were unable to maintain flexibility and control owing to the presence of such a large number of applications. However, with the introduction of NetSuite, businesses eradicated this problem since it introduced a single unified application platform that would help track orders, find discrepancies and solve them instantaneously through a single application interface.

Simplifies Tax Calculation

Tax Calculation and Analysis can be a messy affair since tax regulations are different for different countries. The taxation structure of the origin country of the wholesale goods may be different from the final country to which the wholesale distribution process is taking place and the goods are being supplied. Therefore the calculation pattern of such taxes is complicated and leads to numerous problems. NetSuite Application uses a single taxation system and through its application interface can integrate the taxation structure of more than 100 countries. NetSuite has an advanced platform that is capable of calculating VAT and Service Tax applicable on different goods as well. Therefore tariff and quota limits imposed along with taxes are minimized, tax boundaries are abolished, and a prosperous trade environment for wholesale distribution is encouraged once the businesses use NetSuite Application.

Enhancing E-commerce Growth

E-commerce is the future of business transactions. Most businesses in the future will shun the traditional model of business functioning and would adopt the E-commerce modules. Through the application of such modules, websites, and other interactive platforms on mobiles and desktops would be preferable for the trade platforms to establish communication with prospective customers. NetSuite Applications are useful in designing trade structures that would fuel E-commerce growth and encourage better and more enhanced Wholesale Distribution of goods thereby assuring the business owners that they would maintain operational control over their business setups.

The Bottom Line

Therefore NetSuite Applications interface has emerged as one of the brightest prospects in the operational environment of businesses. Most large-scale businesses globally are adopting NetSuite application modules to enhance business reputation by using a streamlined application that can operate by preparing apps that could track customer orders, identify problems in the consumption pattern and therefore implement new techniques of data analysis, ultimately leading to business growth and enhanced diversity.

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