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09 Salient Factors That Make Zoho Projects Great Tool For Team Collaboration

Zoho Projects

Business project management can be overwhelming at times which can cause common mistakes like incorrect communications, poor reporting, and scheduling that can cost your business dearly. Hence, Zoho Projects was developed for time tracking, report generation, and team collaboration making way for thorough project management that turns out to be more efficient and effective.

Zoho Projects can be termed as a cloud-based project management tool that lets you handle your project and team rightly. It serves as a complete solution for your business management needs. A single platform lets you take charge of numerous factors that affect your business in different ways like people, money, documents, and more. Let’s understand the advantages of Zoho Projects that make it an efficient business flow platform improving team collaboration.

09 Salient Factors That Make Zoho Projects Great Tool For Team Collaboration

1. Task Function

Zoho Task is one of the notable functions of Zoho Projects where you will be able to create tasks for your team members. The latest interface also supports tagging a group to a task with multiple indicators like due dates and color codes to highlight the priority.

The interface comprises a drag-and-drop editor that makes tagging easier to view and control all your processes. This feature also lets you help your employees identify the completed tasks and tasks that need attention. This is profitable as you can visualize and decide on the next steps to be taken for project requirements.


Zoho Projects automates tasks to save more time and work more efficiently. The Blueprint feature is a notable one that is created to automate different projects by setting up workflows in place. This lets you create your blueprint, process flow design, configure transition settings, and process execution.

The automation makes it easier to manage work, discard recurring work, and set alerts at the right time ensuring the right process is implemented for your business projects. This feature can apply to any simple to complex project workflow.

3. Gantt Chart Customization

An alternate method to view your business workflows is through Gantt charts. It lets you track and edit business milestones at every stage. With Zoho Projects, Gantt charts can be customized based on preference which lets you revise your plans by dragging and dropping tasks within the charts.

4. Zoho Analytics Integration

Zoho Projects can be seamlessly integrated with Zoho Analytics which allows you to gain complete access to several reports and reporting dashboards. The user-friendly drag-and-drop editor lets you manage your business workflow by providing access for easy tracking of employees with their track schedule indirectly assists in effectively communicating critical tasks with them along with task responsibilities at regular intervals.

5. Uninterrupted App Integration

Zoho Projects comprises a competitive edge with its feature that allows your business to integrate with other Zoho apps and other third-party applications like Microsoft and Google apps. All these functions can be done effectively with a single platform.

6. Issue Monitor and Timesheet Element

Monitoring your employees' work time can be demanding unless you have a set automation for the processes that can be integrated into your project management software like Zoho Projects. The timesheets help you note your employees’ billable and non-billable hours manually or with a timer. It also helps send invoices to your clients and ensures your invoicing and billing data are always accurate.

7. Create Forum and Chat Operation

The chat function in Zoho Projects lets you effectively communicate the essential approaches and critical tasks with your teammates in real-time. You can also create a personal chat group on a project or other topics applicable to the members of the group.

On the contrary, the forum feature in Zoho Projects also lets you effectively communicate and collaborate with your colleagues globally. Once a forum has been created, you can set your topics into categories, share images, post a topic, share documents, etc. This helps access instant information, brainstorming, and data acquisition for improved decision-making.

8. Security and File Management

Zoho Projects give you complete clarity and control over the data you deserve. Zoho Projects has been developed to be GDPR-ready to ensure your data is safe from inside success. It keeps your files organized and allows your team members to access and share files whenever required. There is also a search tool available that searches your files conveniently when needed.

9. AGSuite Project Consultation

Apart from all the features, this is one of the important benefits when using Zoho Projects. AGSuite is an authorized Zoho implementation partner as they are capable of providing Zoho implementation, automation, and incorporation that takes business to a new level and nurtures growth in a diverse environment. Our professional Zoho Projects consultants help you utilize Zoho Projects to the maximum for your business. The effective methods that are implemented guarantee substantial benefits for your company with Zoho Projects.

Top reasons to pick Zoho Projects

Besides the advanced features that Zoho Projects provides to your business, it also stands for its quality and credibility with a track record of its efficiency. Implementing Zoho Projects with the assistance of AGSuite can help you make improvements in,

  • Team collaboration helps create tasks and track them easily on their pending and completion status.
  • File management is made much easier.
  • Forums and chats provide improvements in the communication flow.
  • Project Kanban improves the project-monitoring system and helps view all tasks under a project with its status.
  • Businesses gain more profitability with an enhanced project management system.

Hence, Zoho Projects is a tested and proven product with significant benefits that produces an efficient project management system. With all trust, Zoho Projects ensures you satisfy the needs of your projects that in turn can bring about multi-fold changes to your company with guaranteed profitability.

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