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05 Pragmatic Approaches for Enhanced Customer Service with Zoho SalesIQ

Earlier businesses functioned irrespective of what a customer needed and saw people flocking for their mass-produced goods and services. Today, brands are competing with each other to come up with products better than the other for the sake of customer attraction and satisfaction.

As always said, “Customer Is King”, a long list of their expectations and experiences cannot be afforded to ignore whilst providing the best customer services. It is now a complete game changer in making or breaking businesses these days.

‘05 Means to Achieve Enhanced Customer Service

A flourishing business needs absolute customer service, efficient tools, and fine-tuned workflows.SalesIQ is a complete solution to change your sales game. Here are some means to achieve great service for your customers with Zoho SalesIQ.

Start off dialogues with chat triggers

Brands need not wait for their customers now to understand their needs. Zoho SalesIQ has some amazing features like live view and visitor tracking that understand customer intent and perceptively initiates conversation with them with the help of chat triggers.

05 Pragmatic Approaches for Enhanced Customer Service with Zoho SalesIQ

Wondering how it works?

Well, when a prospect visits your website the same as they visit a store, they will have plenty of queries initially. Every person will have their own set of requirements that they look forward to and hence they browse your website thoroughly until they find one. Here, you can recognize customer interaction with your website with Zoho SalesIQ’s visitor tracking feature that sets up automated chat triggers to initiate a conversation with your prospects.

With the help of interactive conversations, you get your prospects to spend more time on your website and understand their needs for efficient delivery. This way you can enhance customer experience by initiating dialogues using chat triggers.

Reach out to customers where stationed

Conventionally, brands had to wait for consumers to contact them on a specific platform or channel. Today, the advent and massive growth of social media have made way for consumers to access multiple channels and platforms. Gone are the days of rigid restrictions and limitations to reach out to businesses.

Switching between channels for customer support can slow down resolutions and hamper customers’ overall experience with a brand. Hence, Zoho SalesIQ offers integration with popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and Whatsapp to ease the challenges that come from multiple channels for your customers and the support team. SalesIQ provides quicker resolutions for customer queries from a single dashboard thereby improving the overall experience.

Get ahead of dynamic customer support

Customer support is a significant factor as customer experience is measured in multiple points of interaction with your product or support. This is because customers spend more of their time with the customer support team than with other departments. Hence, there can be no space to jeopardize the support service provided to the customers.

Zoho SalesIQ improves customer experience with its proactive customer support with its live chat qualified with advanced features like screen sharing, audio calls, remote access, and quick resolution of customer queries. Your service can be enhanced by integrating SalesIQ with Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk. This integration ensures seamless service for your business at a touch of a button with personalized communication with each of them. It also brings customer support interaction in a single place and you can check the history available with the sales team and keep it for future reference. You can also combine Zoho SalesIQ’s bot automation features to enhance your customer support to a great extent.

Communicate post-business hours with an automated bot

The existence of business hours is no longer a fad and brands are expected to serve consumers all day and every day. But, you need not be available to give up on your off-hours. SalesIQ’s bots can take care of interacting with your customers in your absence. You even cannot afford to be offline and not available to consumers when they look for information as they may end up searching for resolutions by themselves or hop onto another competitor’s site. Thus, you lose out on a valuable prospect.

Zoho’s very own AI-powered technology Zia, an Answer Bot is an NLP-driven chatbot. The Answer Bot will provide relevant video tutorials, FAQ articles, and other guides from the resource library to your customers depending on customer queries. SalesIQ's Zobot captures the contact info and adds them to the leads list. Consequently, you can permit your answer bot to handle customer queries and make them stay on your website even during non-business hours.

Zoho Mobilisten and in-app chat for enhanced customer experience

Smartphone users now spend close to two to three hours a day on the internet and mostly on mobile apps. Zoho SalesIQ has a mobile SDK called Mobilisten to engage and improve the customer experience of your mobile users. This is an in-app chat that provides powerful live-chat support in addition to staggering features to market your product or service and provide ultimate customer help. You can even send push notifications and attract your customers when your application is not in use.

Thus, by using chat triggers on your website, you also proactively initiate conversations with your mobile customers. Besides, Mobilisten also comes with great features like customization, self-servicing, mobile-specific tracking, integrations, device logs, and more to provide an overall satisfying customer experience.

So, what are you waiting for? You can pitch to AGSuite and take Zoho SalesIQ for a spin today. We are the most reliable and qualified names among Zoho partners and consultants today in the market. We strive to deliver the best in class customized solutions for you and transform your business to operate extraordinarily than before. You need to simply tell us what you need and we make it happen for your business.

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