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Streamline Your Recruitment Process on the Go with Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a one-stop solution for all your administrative needs, right from sourcing to tracking candidates and hiring them. But sometimes when you do not have the time to stick on to your system all time, Zoho Recruit ensures you never miss out on any candidate. With the mobile compatibility option, it is easy to stay in touch with your work-related operations anytime, anywhere.

To ease out the management and recruitment process in corporate companies and staffing agencies, Zoho Recruit comes in handy as an Application Tracking System (ATS). The AI recruitment software streamlines the recruitment process seamlessly including resume management, application tracking, candidate sourcing, communication, interview process, and hiring all within a single system.

The main objective of Zoho Recruit is to get rid of traditional hiring methods and manual data entry that involves spreadsheets and attachments from desktop folders. In addition to this, the tool also brings important stakeholders on board including the recruitment team and customers on a unified platform.

Streamline Your Recruitment Process on the Go with Zoho Recruit

Apart from product customization, multi-channel communication, and third-party integrations, Zoho recruit provides multiple features supporting staff agencies of all types and sized industries. The platform incorporates features like semantic search, search boosters, advanced customizations, hiring pipeline dashboards, etc to ensure reduced fill time and parallel cost per hire.

There are ample features of Zoho Recruit that make it a prominent tool in the market. A few of them can be listed as,

  • Advanced search
  • Create job openings
  • Schedule interviews
  • Track applications
  • Rate candidate status
  • Track sources
  • Embed resume forms
  • Publish job openings
  • Parse resumes

Ease of Using Zoho Recruit

Real-time recruitment

Recruitment involves multiple tasks that seem tedious when done manually. It is crucial to ensure candidates are sourced from the right sources, jobs are listed on the appropriate platforms, candidate data is consolidated, and more. Zoho Recruit is a comprehensive hiring platform that simplifies the processes involved to focus more on constructive duties. The tailored tools assist in programming the software for data input, integrating candidate data, streamlining interview schedules, and setting repetitive and tedious tasks.

Productive candidate analysis

This is the most time-consuming process in any recruitment process in the case of assessing candidates. The dedicated candidates’ page in Zoho Recruit gives a detailed look at a candidate's profile instead of skimming through a large pile of documents. Zoho Recruit gives you a detailed view of the profile to simplify sorting for the recruiting manager.

Application refining

Zoho Recruit works on previously inserted values that each applicant must respond to and this is an effective method in the hiring process. The application can be withdrawn in case it does not match the given criteria. In the meantime, Zoho Recruit ensures vacant job requirements are posted on important location job portals and steps are taken to finalize a candidate at the earliest.

Simplified application database

Once a candidate is selected to hire, Zoho Recruit can feed candidate information automatically into a centralized applicant database for simplified onboarding and performance tracking. As information stored in databases is entirely cloud-based, it can be worked upon immediately without worrying about any complex downloads and expensive installations.

On the whole, recruitment is not an easy process. It involves several factors that need to be taken care of as the needs of all staff. The ultimate AI recruitment software greatly optimizes the recruitment process even in the case of a conventional hiring system or migrating to ATS.

Recruitment teams have different requirements and for that case, the software can be customized as needed. Zoho Recruit builds a strong online presence with multiple integrations that implies managing positive relations with customers.

If you still haven’t implemented Zoho Recruit, you need to do it right away and take action to ease the recruitment and hiring process for managers. You can get in touch with our certified Zoho Consultants at AG Suite to learn more about Zoho Recruit and boost your business.

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