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NetSuite Cloud ERP : An Overview of what it is and its Features

NetSuite, a name that has changed the way many companies operate across the world. It has emerged as a name that has done revolution in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) industry. This revolution has never made any company’s growth stand-still and marked its existence resolutely. NetSuite cloud ERP is #1 cloud ERP with a myriad range of features for your business.

The unbeatable functionalities and efficient performance of NetSuite cloud ERP has lessened the amount and type of work that used to get on everyone’s nerves. Even after delivering so much efficiency in work, many people might not be familiar with NetSuite cloud ERP. So let’s first understand what exactly NetSuite cloud ERP is.

What is NetSuite Cloud ERP?

Oracle NetSuite tops the list of the world’s most deployed cloud ERP. To explain ERP, it is software that manages, automates, and optimizes all the important operations of your business so that you can be more efficient and productive.

Cloud ERP is a concept introduced by Oracle NetSuite by integrating cloud technology and ERP. This integration results in boundless ERP capabilities, tech-enabled operations, and empowered businesses.

NetSuite cloud ERP is feature-packed and has been on the top over the year because of many reasons, which also includes its characteristics. Let’s go ahead to understand the key characteristics of Oracle NetSuite cloud ERP.

Key Characteristics of NetSuite Cloud ERP

Reporting & Analytics

NetSuite cloud ERP offers real-time reporting and analytics, which counts as its one of the best features. It uses your data to deliver real-time insights so that you have a complete idea about all your business functions. Gain competitive edge over your competitors with the glimpse of highly precise insights and information.

NetSuite offers customized dashboards so that you can have a glimpse of what is going on in the organization and take right decisions accordingly.

Data Security, Compliance & Control

When you are on NetSuite cloud ERP, forget stressing about safety and security of your data. Even the existing users of NetSuite cloud ERP have seldom faced data security issues. You get advanced features and controlled access to the data. Only the required users can access the required data so that your data is not visible to everyone.

The cloud servers of NetSuite are highly capable of withstanding natural calamities. There are a multitude of backups already to deal with any emergency situation. You get complete control over your data and flexibility to access that data from anywhere.

So if you are working from office, home, mobile, laptop, or tablet, your work will never stop irrespective of your location.

Support to All Functions

Oracle NetSuite knows the reality of many redundant business functions and has everything to deal with them. There are thousands of businesses that are leveraging NetSuite cloud ERP and are satisfied with the experience. You get customized, tailor-made solutions to support and optimize your business functions.

You will be amazed by the performance of your business as the integration and productivity of all the departments increases. All your processes, including supply chain, finance & accounts, production management, sales & marketing, procurement, order management, inventory & fulfillment, and HR integrates seamlessly and equip your teams to be more efficient in their work.

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