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Is Tally ERP to Zoho Books Migration Worth It?

Today, the market is flooded with top accounting software. With abundant options available, it becomes hard-pressed to choose one. Not to fuss anymore, but to make things simple, we are here to help you make more wise decisions and choose the best for your business.

Tally ERP is designed to fit any business as it offers flexibility and effortless handling. You can simply focus on running and growing your business as Tally takes care of any intricacy that arises.

On the other hand, Zoho is a cloud platform that prides itself on the pinnacle of well-equipped finance management. Zoho covers you from billing to purchasing, inventory management to tax preparedness making it one of the most sought accounting software.

Tally ERP is now upgraded as Tally Prime providing a complete accounting readiness for small to medium-sized businesses. It just simplifies the finance, sales, accounting, and inventory. Now, Tally Prime also provides costing, payroll management, and sales activities.

Zoho Books is a one-stop solution for your account management covering all your finance-related needs. From handling bills and invoices to reconciling with bank statements, Zoho Books has you covered at every stage. It manages all GST compliances along with complete project deliverables.

Is Tally ERP to Zoho Books Migration Worth It

Migrating from Tally ERP to Zoho Books

If you had no idea, let us illustrate that it is very much possible to migrate your data from Tally to Zoho Books. Documents can be imported and exported easily from one system to another. Zoho Books comprises ultimate features that most of the other platforms do not offer. The platform is also highly trusted by many businesses and industries globally.

The migration process is completely hassle-free. You can migrate by yourself or hire an expert to help you with the switch-over process. No matter what the size of your fill will be, you need not worry about the data shift as our experts at AGSuite will ensure your data gets migrated efficiently and accurately.

Why shift from Tally to Zoho Books?

Zoho comprises several productivity tools that best suit a business's financial services. Zoho Books comes with some outstanding features like inventory management, project tracking, and access to support resources. The help and support by Zoho are its strength in terms of its business management system.

Zoho Books provide detailed, modifiable transaction and record forms with an intuitive interface designed carefully to cater to desktop and mobile devices. The product is also cost-effective compared to its alternatives. We have a team of dedicated professionals with thorough knowledge of Zoho products and services. Here are a few most important features of Zoho Books that make it stand out.

Contact Management

It let's organize all your vendor and customer details in a centralized location by assigning each organization with a primary contact name, billing address, and default payment options.


The volume of transactions increases as your business grows. Hence, you can assemble your complete banking details, categorize, and reconcile your accounts in a few clicks.


Product inventory can be managed easily with Zoho’s automatic updates to check on your stock levels once any purchase or sale is done.


All the expenses and purchases can be maintained by keeping clear and accurate records in a single location called Zoho Books. Reports can be created and receipts can be scanned with your mobile device.

GST Ready

Zoho Books can find out your GST liability, file returns, and make payments from a single platform.


Zoho Books is known for its automation even for any unique business workflow. Customers can be in contact with the help of personalized communication. It also lets you define the roles and responsibilities of your staff and grant controlled access to any financial data.

The migration process from Tally to Zoho Books

Once you decide to move from Tally ERP to Zoho Books, you will need to bring all your data including Chart of Accounts, Contacts, Items, Opening Balances, and other modules into Zoho Books.

Export data from Tally

This is the first step in migrating to Zoho Books where you need to prepare the required data to be exported from Tally that can be later imported into Zoho.

Set Up Your Zoho Books Organization

Once you have data ready to import, you can next set up your Zoho Books organization. After you sign up for Zoho Books, you have to fill in your organization details.

Import Chart of Accounts

This is similar to Account Masters in Tally. It consists of various accounts and their types used for tracking different sources of expense or income.

Configure Settings

Here, you can customize the tool to suit your business requirements. The most important configurations include enabling required modules and setting module preferences.

Import Customers and Vendors

The next step includes switching all your contacts. The tool comes with dedicated modules for Customers and Vendors to manage separately.

Import Items

Here, you need to import goods or service items in Zoho Books along with inventory management.

Add Bank Information

You can then add your bank or account details to account for your payments precisely. The details are imported automatically or can be added manually.

Enter Opening Balances

Before starting with the accounting process in Zoho after migration, you need to first add the previous transactions that would have been done in Tally.

Import Transactions

After the basic setup is completed and updated with opening balances, you can next bring all required transactions into Zoho Books.

Sync Transactions

Here, you need to check if the imported transactions are properly synced in Opening Balances.

What is the next step after Migration?

After you have migrated successfully to Zoho Books, you can further customize your organization by setting up payment gateways or integrating with Zoho Analytics or Zoho CRM for further business processes.

How do we help with Tally to Zoho Books migration?

AGSuite, as a partner of Zoho, provides training on various applications including Zoho Books. Our team is hands-on in integrating and implementing solutions that suit your business. Our experienced team can migrate data from one tool to another making sure the process goes smoothly. We do have a track record of helping clients from various industries.

The detailed process involves consultation with clients for their business requirements to analyze the objectives and needs. AGSuite is committed to saving clients’ time and money by avoiding pricey errors that can occur during data transfer. Customers are always welcome to ask questions or advice.

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