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Quickbooks to Zoho Books Migration: Everything you need to know

To avoid legal actions and hefty penalties, businesses across the globe manage and track finances. Regardless of the industry, accounting helps businesses to remain compliant by enabling the taxation process. Furthermore, it empowers business owners with a crystal clear picture of financial position that eventually leads to well-informed decision making. Zoho Books and Quickbooks are the two most popular cloud accounting apps. However, as per latest research by Zoho Corporations, a lot of companies have started migrating to Zoho Books from Quickbooks. Although Quickbooks and Zoho Books are quite similar in terms of functionality, Quickbooks customers prefer to migrate to Zoho Books as a sustainable and long term investment option.

In this blog, we’ll discuss why organizations are moving from Quickbooks to Zoho Books and what you should do for successful migration.

If you’re using Quickbooks desktop, then moving to cloud based Zoho Books makes sense because of high scalability, flexibility and low operating costs. However, if you’re using Quickbooks online, you must be wondering why to migrate to Zohobooks.

Quickbooks to Zoho Books Migration

Why migrate to Zoho Books if you’re already in the cloud with QuickBooks Online?

Well, answer to this is all Indian QuickBooks users are migrating to Zoho Books because of the sudden announcement of QuickBooks’ discontinuing operations in India. Many QuickBooks users are left with panic, frustration, and helplessness after hearing that Quickbooks is discontinuing its operations across India. Indian customers have the option to migrate to Zoho Books for safe and efficient management of all business accounting records.

Why should customers migrate to Zoho and not to any other accounting software?

With Zoho Books, you’ll get many of the features that are available in QuickBooks Online. Apart from this, Zoho offers you additional features and services.

  • Client Portal
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Approval
  • Purchase Approval
  • More Invoice Templates
  • Supports 13 languages.

There are several other reasons to migrate from Quickbooks to Zoho Books

Competitive Costing:

Zoho is cost-effective as compared to other cloud accounting software solutions. Competitive costing of Zoho will allow small and fast growing businesses to easily save extra bucks for other critical jobs. With Zoho, customers will get all the product updates at no extra cost.

Integrated Business Management Suite:

One of the biggest advantages you get after migrating from QuickBooks to Zoho Books is that you get additional 40+ professional apps that help you manage your business easily. For instance, Zoho Books natively integrates with Zoho CRM, eliminating weak points by ensuring seamless data transfer. Organizations that are already on Zoho CRM can move finances onto Zoho Books seems like an even more intuitive decision.

Added Security:

Corporate data is counted as highly sensitive data. You can count on Zoho for your financial and corporate data as it offers all-around protection against leaks, privacy breaches, and other data threats. Zoho maintains a strict privacy policy and security to keep all your data safe and secure. Zoho blocks all unclean and insecure traffic and new features are rolled after proper QC that includes code analyzers, scanners, and manual review processes to ensure the safety of your data along with business continuity.

Free reliable support:

Customers don't have to spend hours on the phone trying to reach a support agent. With Zoho Books, you'll get reliable and quality support over email, chat, or phone in a matter of minutes.

What to consider when switching from QuickBooks to Zoho Books

As QuickBooks is ceasing all its operations in India, Zoho Books is the next best alternative for all your accounting needs. Although Quickbooks and Zoho, both are quite similar, migration from Quickbooks to Zoho Books isn’t less than devil in details. If you’re an existing Quickbook customer, migrating your data to Zoho Books isn’t a plug-and-play operation.

Migration from one online accounting software to another isn’t simple. It requires careful planning, robust migration strategy and extremely cautious execution. An authorized Zoho partner like AGSuite can make your transition easy and simple.

Enjoy a successful Quickbooks to Zoho Books migration with AGSuite

As an authorized Zoho partner, AGSuite has years of experience in successfully migrating clients from on-premise and legacy apps to cloud enterprise apps. We recommend evaluating your QuickBooks configurations for gap fit analysis. Our experienced developers can easily map fields of our client business, the listing of transactions, and develop a new connection to existing online accounting software i.e. QuickBooks to export data easily, accurately, and in a time-efficient manner to Zoho Books.

Working with AGSuite, you don’t have to worry about your data and could rest assured as our experienced team took extreme care with planning the migration, testing the migration strategy before jumping into the actual migration to achieve a secure migration of data along with a successful implementation.

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